Joe Rogan shocked after learning how many hours people spend on social media a day

Michael Gwilliam
Joe Rogan learns how long people spend on social media

UFC commentator and famous podcast host Joe Rogan was absolutely stunned after learning how many hours a day the average person spends engaging with social media.

It seems like nowadays, social media has taken over the world, with sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more dominating app space on phones – and time in our lives.

During episode 1649 of the Joe Rogan Experience, Michael Easter, a men’s health writer, was explaining how the idea of boredom has evolved over the years and has reached an entirely new level with modern media.

“Nowadays, with this influx of media we have, people spend 11 hours a day engaging with digital media,” Easter said.

Girl on cellphone at starbucks
Social media has consumed many people’s lives.

“Is that real?” Rogan replied back, shocked by the revelation.

“Yeah, 11. And that’s the average,” Easter added, prompting a loud ‘what’ from Joe’s mouth.

Easter proceeded to reveal an even crazier statistic that he learned as a professor at the University of Nevada teaching media.

“First day of class I’ll talk about how things have changed with media. We lived 2.5 million years with no media in our lives and now it’s become our lives,” he said. “Then I’ll ask students to ‘pull out their phones, look at their screen time and tell me how much you have. Who thinks they have the highest?’”

After going through students, he’ll see numbers ranging from seven hours and forty-five minutes, eight hours and fifty minutes, all the way to nine hours and sixteen minutes.

“That’s your entire day! All on that cell phone,” he exclaimed.

Michael Easter on Joe Rogan
Michael Easter explained how many hours people spend on social media.

According to Easter, nowadays whenever someone has a moment of solitude, they just check their phones. This lead Rogan to remark on how people on dates will be checking their phones instead of focusing on their partner, getting a guffaw from the writer.

“They’re not even talking to each other. They’re just looking at each other’s phones! You’re in front of an actual person and you prefer to communicate in digital with someone who isn’t even there!” Rogan added.

Their conversation really goes to show just how social media has completely taken over our lives. Being able to disconnect from the digital world may be hard in this day and age, but having the willpower to do so may be imperative to living a better life.