Andrew Schulz explains why Jake Paul would be successful in the UFC

Comedian Andrew Schulz next to YouTuber Jake PaulYouTube: Flagrant 2 Clips / JOE

Instagram comedian Andrew Schulz explained why fans would actually want to see Jake Paul fight in the UFC.

Andrew Schulz and his co-hosts reacted to the surprising results of UFC 269 during the December 14 Flagrant 2 podcast.

After praising Sean O’Malley for his entertaining performance, the comedian explained why YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul would actually be successful in MMA.

Andrew Schulz claims Jake Paul would be successful in the UFC

While discussing the UFC 269’s winners and losers, Schulz argued that casual viewers care more about personalities rather then who is technically the best fighter. The comedian claimed that Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman would make more money fighting people viewers hate such as Jake Paul.

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“We love Kamaru, but Jake Paul is going to bring viewers to the fight,” he said. “So honestly if I’m Kamaru, I’m just fighting mother f**kers that people hate if I want to be the hero. I think you’re crazy if you don’t think people would want to watch a Jake Paul MMA fight against Kamaru.”

Schulz retiterated that he wasn’t talking about skill level, rather that viewers simply just want to see Jake Paul lose in a match. “That’s all I’m saying. Casual viewers just want to see somebody win or lose, not skilled displayed. That’s for those that love the sport.”

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According to Andrew Schulz, skilled champions like Usman won’t make as much money as fighters such as Conor McGregor or Sean O’Malley who actively promote their fights with outrageous behavior.

“Usman will make less money because of it,” he said. “He needs to fight people who bring those antics. Kamaru is in the gym, he’s working and is the best. It’s undeniable. But people won’t care to see him win his title or lose it if they don’t personally connect to him. But they might care about his opponent.”

Based on Schulz argument, Jake Paul does seem to fit all the criteria of a fighter viewers want to see lose. Who knows, maybe the problem child will eventually get into the Octagon someday. For now, the YouTuber is facing off against former MMA Champion Tyron Woodley for their much anticipated rematch on December 18, 2021.

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