Amouranth wants to run her own convention but won’t repeat TanaCon disaster

Amouranth posing in Twitter pictureTwitter/Amouranth

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has piqued fan interest by revealing that she’d like to do her own convention, but it probably won’t be all about her.

Over the last few years, as creators have tried to forge closer bonds with their fans, many have stepped out from behind the computer and done plenty of real-life meet-ups.

Some have been small, intimate gatherings that allow the most hardcore of fans to connect with their favorite personality, but there are plenty of massive events – like TwitchCon – where thousands of fans and multiple creators descend on one place for a good time.

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A handful of creators have tried to create their own conventions, with some going better than others, and it looks like Amouranth will be next to join that list. However, don’t expect it to be all about her and her Twitch streams.

Amouranth teases her own convention

On July 14, the Twitch star sent out a call for help on her alternate Twitter account – WildKait – looking for some insight from anybody who had set up their own convention before.

“Has anyone ever started or ran a convention, or have a firm view of the back end? Ideally someone with director, management, c suite, or chair/board level experience,” the streaming star asked. “This is NOT a drill.”

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Amouranth dropped some further hints about what it could entail, suggesting it would held in her hometown.

Though, when one fan asked her to learn from the mistakes of other creators, mainly that of TanaCon – which infamously went disastrously – she said it wasn’t going that route.

“This isn’t an amo-con bat signal,” the streamer continued. “Destination 25k attendees or bust, subject matter has little to do with me other than I was/am a fan.”

Amouranth noted that there will be more talk about what she has planned over the “coming weeks,” so fans won’t have to rush out anytime soon to make plans.

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Though, it’ll be interesting to see what other details she reveals about the event.