New video from CEO of company behind Tanacon details what led to riot at the event

TanaCon was a disaster and the new video from Good Life CEO Michael Weist, the company that set up the event, goes behind the scenes to show what went wrong.

For the uninitiated, TanaCon was an event held in competition with VidCon, happening the same weekend in the hotel next door to the massive event in Anaheim, California.

It was led by YouTuber Tana Mongeau and promised appearances from big-name YouTubers like Shane Dawson, Casey Neistat and Bella Thorne.

Before long, the event completely fell apart. Fans had to wait hours outside without food or water vendors leading to people passing out and a massive amount of sunburns.

Once inside, the event didn’t actually have much to do. It quickly reached capacity and the first day was shut down by the police with many people still waiting outside.

The second day was canceled and fans clamored for refunds. Somehow, Weist, not Mongeau, ended up on the hook for refunds and he had to file for bankruptcy because of how many refunds were demanded. 

Mongeau mocked Weist with a Halloween costume featuring him and joking about his impending bankruptcy. In return, Weist dropped this video:

Thus far, the video features unseen raw footage of the initial planning meetings with Mongeau, Weist, and the rest of their team. 

As it’s a YouTube live presentation, it’s unclear exactly what else will be uncovered by the end of the live stream, but Weist is promising that this will clear the air as to “what really happened” at the infamous event. 

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