Amouranth says Pokimane is trying to “farm clout and relevancy” off recent xQc drama

Eleni Thomas
Amouranth Pokimane kick headerInstagram: Amouranth

Amouranth has hit back at fellow content creator Pokimane following her comments that she would never join Kick, with Amouranth stating that Poki is only adding herself into the conversation to “farm clout and relevancy.”

Following xQc’s landmark deal with Kick, the content creator has found himself at the center of many discussions surrounding the ethics of jumping ship to another platform for excessive amounts of money.

One such streamer to challenge xQc on his recent deal with Pokimane. The two going back and forth on stream after Poki said she’d never join Kick because “I am good as I am. Why would I compromise my morals and ethics for more money when I have money? Something about that is so cringe to me personally.”

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Following this, Amouranth responded to the clip during her own stream, with the recently signed Kick content creator explaining that she thinks Poki’s comments are related to her desire to gain back relevancy following her less consistent streaming and shift towards traveling.

“I don’t think this is true. I think that the reason she mentioned him was because she was trying to farm clout and relevancy in an era where she doesn’t really have any at the moment,” Amouranth claimed. “Because she’s been AFK so much. So she comes back and just involves herself in the drama to be a part of the discussion still so she can keep getting views and traveling and not really streaming much.”

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Amouranth then added, “It’s smart. I’m not trying to hate on her but that’s just the actual reason.”

Time will tell if Pokimane responds to Amouranth’s comments and calls her out for stating she is simply trying to “farm clout” off the back of xQc’s Kick signing.

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