Amouranth Sarcastically Responds to the Drama Involving Keeping Her Marriage Quiet

Calum Patterson

Twitch streamer ‘Amouranth’ made a sarcastic remark responding to the recent drama after she was accused of keeping her marriage quiet to trick her fans into thinking she was single.

Amouranth is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch with over 500,000 followers but is a controversial figure, often pushing the boundaries of what the platform allows.

Over the past few years though Amouranth has amassed a loyal fan base, streaming a variety of content daily, including ‘ASMR’ streams and dressing in Cosplay and playing dance game ‘Just Dance’.

On June 15th, a video was uploaded to YouTube claiming that Amouranth was married since at least 2015, but that she had been pretending to be single in order to trick her fans into believing she was single.

The video includes evidence such as photos of the couple and a Facebook relationship status from her supposed husband as ‘married’ in 2015.

Although Amouranth has remained relatively quiet on the drama, she did address a comment in her stream regarding certain viewers treating Twitch as a ‘dating service’ with a sarcastic response.

“Haven’t you heard the news? Every female on the internet is eligible to be dated by people who see her. She’s an eligible candidate for every person who sees her. That is the law of the land. 

No matter where she lives, no matter what their compatibility might be, no matter what their sexual preferences are, anything. If she’s on the internet, ‘bobs and vagene’, you can date her.”

While she doesn’t directly acknowledge the drama, she seems to be alluding to the criticisms that she is tricking people into believing that with monetary support she is available to date.

The original video containing the accusations includes an image of top monthly donators, showing more than one user who had donated over $10,000 to Amouranth in a single month.

Amouranth is making clear that fans donating her money in pursuit of returned affection, only do so because of their own warped understanding and treatment of women online, particularly on Twitch.