Amazon driver slams customers ordering during Hurricane Ian in viral TikTok

Amazon driver slams customrers ordering during hurricane in viral TikTokTIKTOK: abnormalpoet

An Amazon delivery driver went viral on TikTok for blasting customers placing orders during Hurricane Ian, as he had to deliver to over 170 people.

The Amazon worker, who posts under the handle abnormalpoet, shared his story of delivering packages to several homes during the hurricane in Florida.

“I hate all of y’all right now,” the delivery driver exclaimed in his TikTok video. “Y’all knew this hurricane was coming and you still order s**t. I gotta go to 172 of y’all today. I hate y’all. Everything is wet.”

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The video went viral on with over 315,000 views since it was uploaded, as Hurricane Ian made landfall in Southwest Florida with devastating impact for coastal areas.

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Amazon said it has over 8,000 employees in the Tampa area and that its priority is keeping them safe, Newsweek reported.

The company said it closed more than 80 facilities that were in the path of the Category 4 storm and would be paying workers for their scheduled shifts as providing help to those who were affected by the hurricane, the outlet shared.

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TikTok react to Amazon driver’s rant

Many TikTok users praised the Amazon delivery driver for working through wind and rain and sympathized with his plight.

“I’m sorry man! I purposely didn’t order anything b/c I didn’t want to out anyone in danger,” one user commented.

“As someone that has a package out for delivery today, I am sorry!!! in my defense though, I ordered it days ago,” another user shared.

“Not all heroes wear capes, well in this case raincoats. Stay strong my man,” someone else wrote.

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The delivery driver said in the comments that because the hurricane did not directly hit his part of Florida, he was still working, albeit in difficult circumstances. He added that he was “just ranting” and that he forgave the 172 customers who had orders delivered on September 28. 

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