Alinity vows to KO Twitch streamer Carolinekwan after boxing tier list roast

Shay Robson
Twitch streamers Alinity and Carolinekwan

Alinty has claimed she’ll knock out Twitch streamer Caroline Kwan in a boxing match after being brutally roasted.

Following the Creator Clash 2 event, Twitch streamer Caroline Kwan made her own tier list ranking other creators and their ability to box.

On the tier list, Caroline placed Alinty into the bottom tier — placing her among the people she thinks she could easily KO in the first round.

Clarifying her reasoning as to why she was placed so low, Caroline explained it was due to Alinity’s height. “Alinty, she is so small,” she said.

“I was at an Austin party when Alinty’s sister was in town. The two of them, they almost looked like children when they were running around at the party because of how tiny they were.”

Alinity claims she’ll KO Twitch streamer Carolinekwan

In response, Alinty disputed Caroline’s take and clapped back claiming she’d be the one to knock out her opponent. “Woah, What?” she exclaimed in clear disbelief.

“Excuse me? Oh my god, I could absolutely take her. She doesn’t know this but I go to the gym like four days a week!”

She continued: “If I train I could absolutely do it.” Despite arguing her case, Alinity’s chat wasn’t convinced, refuting that Twitch star has any capability to fight.

“Yes, I could! I absolutely could,” Alinty argued. “Just for that comment I’m going to train so f**king hard and I’m going to KO her.”

With more and more influencer boxing events popping up all over the shop, there’s certainly a chance we could see the two streamers fight on the undercard of an event in the near future.

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