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Who is Xiao Qiumei? TikTok crane operator dies from accident

Published: 26/Jul/2021 10:50

by Connor Bennett


Popular Chinese influencer XiaoQiumei has reportedly passed away after an accident saw her fall from a crane while creating a new video.

Just like other social media platforms, TikTok is banned in China due to content from other countries, but a clone in the form of Douyin has taken its place.

The app has seen great popularity in China, and as a result, a crop of influencers have been born from its success.

That includes XiaoQiumei, a female crane operator who had well over 100,000 followers on Douyin. However, she has reportedly passed away following an accident at work.

TikTok is based in China but it is banned.

Xiao Qiumei: Douyin’s popular crane operator

According to various reports, the 23-year-old creator was apparently recording videos in her tower crane on July 20 just prior to her accident in Quzhou, in western China’s Zhejiang Province.


A video circulating across social media appears to show the Chinese creator falling around 160-feet to the ground from her crane, with her phone in hand capturing the whole thing. Reports suggested that she was alone at work at the time of the accident, with many of her co-workers already going home before her fall.

Reposts of the distressing video, of course, have been taken down in some cases, especially on TikTok where news of Xiao Qiumei’s accident has trended for a few days.

Chinese creator Xiaoqiumei recording video in a crane
Screenshot via Xiaoqiumei
The creator became popular for videos filmed in her crane.

According to different reports, the creator’s family confirmed that she had passed away on July 23, and that she had simply missed a step on her way down from the crane and tumbled to her peril. They claimed it was purely an accident and not a part of a stunt or anything of that nature.


They also noted that the creator typically stayed off her phone while working, but recorded videos showing off her job when she had spare time.