100 Thieves’ The Mob apologizes to Alinity over social media “hate”

Alinity / The Mob

After Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon accused 100 Thieves’ content creation group The Mob of double standards in their stance against online harassment and hate, they have since apologized. 

Alinity has been right at the center of some big ban controversies, some of which she escaped unpunished, during her time as a full-time streamer.

One of which included accusations of animal cruelty after she was seen throwing her cat during a livestream. Despite being cleared following an investigation from Saskatoon SPCA, she claims some people still troll her over the incident on a daily basis.

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After seeing a number of comments posted on Twitter by members of The Mob and other 100 Thieves members – namely Froste, Classy, and JhbTeam – Alinity wasn’t best pleased. Now, though, tensions are nowhere near as high as what they were on December 9, when she first posted about the matter.

Alinity poses with her two Samoyed pups.Instagram: Alinity Divine
Twitch star Alinity Divine was cleared of all suspicion of animal cruelty following an investigation.

What happened?

In a thread of posts, Froste showed a strong stance against toxic communities online.

One of the tweets stated: “Any normal person would be creeped out by a stranger being absolutely obsessed with them.”

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The comment triggered a reaction from Alinity, who claimed she had been subject to the exact same abuse.

At first, she responded: “But you didn’t seem to mind toxicity when mob members made frequent tweets over the span of a year sh**ting on me and sending harassment. Remember my birthday post with a thousand hate messages?”

Following on from that, Froste said it was actually Alinity wanting to bring up the cat situation for impressions and views.

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In a now deleted tweet, he posted: “You’re bringing all this up again for no reason when you cried on the TL for people to stop bringing it up??? If impressions and viewer counts are low just throw your cat against a wall again, don’t try to come at me, sweetie.”

Within the series of screenshots that followed on December 9, Alinity highlighted comments from members posting about her on social media. She said this has triggered people to harass her in replies online, to a point where she’s had to block many of them.

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Her tweet reads: “What if you made a mistake, and got made fun of on the daily by a hate mob? And the hate mob has way more people on their side, to the point where you can’t do anything but accept the harassment and block them; and they laugh about how they got blocked.

“And then, that hate mob talks platitudes about positivity and being against harassing people? I think it would upset you enough to feel like you have to say something. Because these people might just hurt someone else.”

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The Mob apologizes to Alinity (December 10)

Since those posts were made, a number of apologies have been sent on social media – squashing the beef.

To start, Froste claimed that while he defended Alinity on stream, his tweets did direct traffic and for that he said sorry.

On top of that, JhbTeam posted: “Hey Alinity, I understand you’re frustrated about my past posts and I’m sorry for that. Months ago, I’ve deleted most tweets I made about you because I realized they were wrong and I didn’t want to have that type of stuff on my page.”

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She soon responded, seemingly happy with the outcome, and urged them to help make the internet a safer place.

Lastly, Classy said: “I see your point and apologies for the jokes from a while back. The last tweet I’ve made to you was even back in the summer. I don’t go out of my way to bully you and I’m sorry if it seemed that way. You won’t be seeing anything like that come from me or any of the boys again.”

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The internet needs to be made a safer place and reflecting on mistakes is an important part of that process. Three out of three and Alinity seems pretty content with the response, meaning both sides caught up in this drama can move on.

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