Airrack deletes his own YouTube channel for the strangest reason

Dylan Horetski

Airrack’s YouTube channel has randomly disappeared from the platform, following a segment on Keemstar’s Drama Alert. 

With over two million subscribers on his channel, comedic vlogger Airrack has uploaded countless hilarious videos including his ‘couch series’ featuring fellow YouTuber Logan Paul.

On November 1, the creator uploaded a skit where he snuck into a music festival as a fake DJ.

However, Keemstar called him out on Drama Alert after he realized Airrack actually snuck into the festival as a fake EMT, stating that it didn’t “sit well” with him and it was “disrespectful.”

What happened to Airrack’s YouTube channel?

Shortly after Keemstar uploaded his November 3 episode of DramaAlert – where he called out Airrack for his disrespectful actions – the YouTuber’s channel was removed.

This was quickly noticed by the DramaAlert host, who took to Twitter to alert fans.

YouTuber Airrack channel has been deleted off YouTube. Not sure if it’s related to the new #DramaAlert that came out today or not,” he said. 

Airrack has since posted a tweet reacting to the situation, but his response wasn’t what fans expected. Instead, he claimed he’d “irreversibly deleted” his YouTube channel in order to prepare for a $120,000 ping pong competition on November 13.

Airrack’s purported tournament will feature the likes of Bryce Hall, ZHC, and more. The YouTuber did not comment on his video dressing up as an EMT.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear as to whether or not his channel will return – but it looks like he’ll be bringing fans some unexpected content, somehow, in ten days.

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