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Adin Ross warns Twitch fans not to buy ‘trash’ crypto coin he hyped up in paid stream

Published: 18/Jun/2021 6:59 Updated: 18/Jun/2021 7:29

by Brad Norton


Popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross has admitted to promoting a ‘trash’ cryptocurrency to his audience, laughing about the deal weeks later while hoping “no one actually bought it.”

Various cryptocurrencies and token exchange platforms have become increasingly prominent sponsors across social media in 2021. 

From crypto deals backing Logan Paul in his fight against Floyd Mayweather, to social media stars supporting new crypto marketplaces, we’ve seen plenty of engagement in recent months. In fact, leading esports organization TSM even inked a historic $210m naming deal with a crypto exchange. 

As a result, sponsorships have also spread across streaming platforms too.


Ross was just one of many streamers engaged with a recent crypto push on Twitch. However, just weeks later, the popular figure has now laughed off one such deal, and admitted he hoped “none of his fans actually bought in.”

During a sponsored Twitch stream in May, Ross was actively pushing a newly created ‘MILF Token.’ Throughout the broadcast, he was converting hundreds of dollars into the cryptocurrency and pushing it in front of thousands of viewers watching him live.

Ross also promoted the Token in a now-deleted tweet.

At the time Ross was paid for the sponsored stream, MILF Token was valued at upwards of $0.001 on CoinMarketCap. Today the cryptocurrency now sits at a price of $0.00006, marking a decline of roughly 180% in just a few weeks.


Reflecting on his paid engagement with the crypto brand, Ross laughed about the situation in a June 18 broadcast. “Chat, by the way, that MILF Token sh** I did a while back… I already told you guys, don’t buy that sh**.”

“I got paid a bag to do that sh**,” he admitted, laughing again. If this sum was anything close to his recent gambling advertisements, Ross could have made upwards of seven figures for the sponsored crypto stream.

“I don’t give a f***,” Ross said. “Hope none of you guys actually bought it.”

Ross certainly isn’t the first to jump on the crypto hype train of late. However, his actions have led to plenty of criticism among fellow internet celebs. 


From Cody Ko to the NELK Boys, plenty of big names have lashed out at those ‘scamming’ their viewers with these sponsored deals.