NELK Boys slam YouTubers promoting “scam” crypto after turning down offers

Nelk boys and a bitcoinYouTube: NELK/Unsplash

Popular content creators the NELK Boys put out a warning for fans who might get duped into buying different crypto coins just because other YouTubers are promoting it.

Over the last few months, influencers have been getting involved with crypto and stocks as they’ve become more and more popular with the public.

Plenty of creators have criticized those who have been getting involved, while others, like Jake Paul, have had to tell fans that they’re not giving out financial advice.

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There are still a number of influencers who are hyping up different crypto coins in tweets and videos, but the NELK Boys have urged fans to not get duped by what’s going on.

Elon Musk Doge CoinElon Musk
People like Elon Musk have used their following to boost different crypto coins.

The popular YouTube collective put out a PSA, revealing that they’ve been contacted to sell different coins to their fans but they’ve rejected the offers.

“Any influencers you see promoting any coin or crypto has a very simple goal. Get their fans to invest money because they received a free coin or they bought very low,” they said. “When you all trust them and invest, they sell and make tons of money off you!”

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On top of revealing they’ve been offered deals, they further labeled the practice as “disgusting” and “scam bulls**t,” suggesting that anyone doing it is “hungry for money.”

Some fans quickly compared it to promoting gambling, which NELK have done on a few occasions before. Though, others argued that point, claiming that the two are vastly different.

As the crypto game continues to grow, more influencers will likely get involved, and it’ll be on the fans to heed the warnings or potentially end up with egg on their face.

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