Adin Ross to face off against 21 Savage in $100k NBA 2K match

Theo Burman
Adin Ross 21 Savage stream

Streamer Adin Ross will play against 21 Savage in NBA 2K on stream tomorrow (Thursday), with the winner taking home over 100 thousand dollars.

The biggest streamer on Kick originally planned on facing off against the rapper today, but had to postpone the competition after 21 Savage moved the event to tomorrow.

This isn’t the first time Adin has done a collab with a high-profile music artist. Last year, he brought rapper Polo G onto his stream, and he’s also collaborated with sports personalities and other celebs who aren’t as engaged with the streaming space, including Andrew Tate.

Adin Ross plans high-stakes NBA 2K match versus 21 Savage

The match would see Adin Ross clash with 21 Savage in the hugely successful basketball video game, with the winner receiving over 100 thousand dollars from the loser.

Adin Ross was practicing for the head-to-head when he found out the match had been pushed to tomorrow.

While streaming he got a text from 21 Savage saying: “Let’s do it tomorrow”. It’ll be streamed on Adin’s Kick channel, the largest on the site.

However, a friend of 21 Savage who Adin was calling at the time reassured him that the rapper was “obviously” still trying to play the game with him.

The stream collab comes after Adin said he felt hurt by the decision made by fellow streamers Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed to start an exclusive streaming show on Rumble, rather than Adin’s preferred platform Kick.

Adin has repeatedly tried to recruit both streamers to Kick after they had issues with Twitch bans, so their choice to back Rumble over his suggestion may have been taken personally.

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