Adin Ross claims he would have been arrested if he visited Andrew Tate in Romania

Shay Robson
Kick streamer Adin Ross sat in his gaming chair at his desk

Kick streamer Adin Ross has hit back at fans criticizing him for not visiting Andrew Tate, claiming he was told he’d be arrested if he went to Romania.

Since Andrew Tate‘s rise in fame, the controversial influencer has become closely associated with Kick streamer Adin Ross.

After first meeting online in July 2022, the two have grown to become good friends, even meeting in person — and Adin was even among the selected few added to Andrew’s visitor list while he was in Romanian custody.

Ultimately, the Kick star never made the trip to visit Tate while he was in jail, and has now revealed the reason for this.

Adin Ross told he’d be arrested if he visits Tate in Romania

During his July 9 broadcast, the streamer responded to fans that were putting him on blast for not writing to Tate while he was in jail. “To all you motherf**kers that think you know me and all this sh*t. Listen motherf**kers you don’t,” he said.

“I had a motherf**ker in Vegas ask me why didn’t you write to Tate in jail. I swear to god, on my life, I was running through the casino and somebody said why did you not write to Tate in jail? Hey, idiot, are you dumb? Some of you guys aren’t real, there’s no f**king way.”

Furthermore, Adin explained he intended on visiting Andrew in Romania, but claimed he was told he’d be arrested if he did. “I literally said you’re right, I did not write him. But, I was about to go to Romania but I was told I’d be arrested. Hello? I was gonna visit that motherf**ker.”

Regardless, viewers still continued to hit out at Adin, putting him on blast for not writing letters to Tate while he was in Romanian detention.

“Okay, I did not write him, no, but I asked how do I get in contact with him,” he responded. “Can I call him on the phone? It’s 2023, okay, I know he was born 50 years ago or however old he is, I’m sorry bro.”

Adin then apologized to his fans and assured them that he and Tate are still “cool” and on good terms, with him claiming the controversial internet star doesn’t really care. “I’m sorry to you guys. Tate doesn’t give a f**k because I apologized to him and he was like its cool.”

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