Addison Rae fans are loving her throwback October fashion trend

addison raeAddison Rae, Twitter

Addison Rae followers are really liking the new fashion trend the TikTok star has jumped on and for those who haven’t seen it yet… It’s an absolute throwback.

Just like many celebrities based in Los Angeles, Addison Rae can’t escape the paparazzi waiting to catch a snap of her and other A-listers.

This October, though, there’s been a noticeable difference in the 22-year-old’s choice of clothing.

The breakout street style is an interesting throwback to Y2K style, and fans of either Paris Hilton or Britney Spears will be very familiar with it.

Addison Rae fans fall in love with October trend

Between October 19-24, Addison has been spotted in LA donning tiny bottoms, dance shorts, crop tops, headphones, and sports bras. A casual take on the 2000s trend.

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On October 21, the ‘He’s All That‘ Netflix star posted a photo of her own, flexing a crop top with the number 23 on the front.

Other photography has been shared by Addison Rae fan accounts, such as AddisonUpdatez.

Showing their appreciation of the trendy style – and that pink hair – one fan said: “Anything she does, just iconic.”

Others described the fits as “too cute” with another stating they were “obsessed” with the latest fashion trend.

These fits might be uber popular with Addison’s followers right now but whether the style lasts once the winter comes around remains to be seen.

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