Ace Family accused of scamming fans by hand-picking winner in Tesla giveaway

Jeremy Gan
Ace Family infornt of their tesla

The Ace Family is being accused of scamming fans by hand-picking a winner in a ‘randomly’ chosen Tesla giveaway. 

On June 11, Austin McBroom and Catherine McBroom of the Ace Family announced they were giving away Catherine’s Tesla Model X. Seemingly all fans had to do to participate was to tag two friends in the comments, download the Kick app, and follow them on the new streaming platform. 

And in the provided terms and conditions, they explicitly state the winner will be drawn at random, with the winner being announced on June 25. Austin further reiterated this point in a follow-up Kick livestream. 

However, fans have since accused the couple of rigging the giveaway, pointing to another Kick live stream and claiming the couple actually hand-picked the winner rather than committing to a random draw.

“When it came to picking out the Tesla winner, it ended up being actually easier than we thought,” Austin said in the livestream. “The reason I say that is because we literally had like two other guys along with us looking for somebody who was really part of the Ace Family.”

“We get really frustrated because we don’t really know if, if you know, the person is like part of the Ace Family. We don’t know if someone really comes on who [doesn’t really know us,” he said.

Austin went on to claim the winner that was picked was one of the first fans to buy their merch. “This particular person, our team actually did their homework and research on this person.”

“This person was one of the very first people to ever buy Ace Family merch,” he alleged, further explaining they wanted to give the car away to a fan that supported and appreciated them in the long term. 

The Kick livestream was meant to properly announce the winner, however, the winner was never publicly announced, nor have either Austin or Catherine posted about the winner on their social media pages since. 

The Ace Family has been accused in the past for scamming, as they are currently facing numerous lawsuits in relation to Austin’s boxing event, a cosmetics company suing Cathering for staging a “coup”, among others.