Kick streamer “swatted” after calling the cops on his friends

Virginia Glaze

Kick streamer ‘Cheesur’ was allegedly swatted after calling the police on some of his fellow streamers who were supposedly egging his house.

‘Cheesur’ is a Kick streamer who commands an audience of over 79K followers on the broadcasting platform, often rolling in the same circles as Adin Ross.

Cheesur is a fairly bombastic streamer who is known for his over-the-top antics — such as the time the feds allegedly paid him a visit for making threatening remarks about US President Joe Biden that he claimed were “jokes.”

Now, Cheesur has gotten involved with the police once again after he had enough of his friends egging his place.


Kick streamer gets visit from police after buddies egg his house

Over the past few days, Cheesur’s house has been a prime target for his buddies to throw eggs at, including Adin Ross, as captured in a January 24 live stream.

It looks like Cheesur was fed up by their antics and called law enforcement to deal with the matter on stream — a broadcast in which he also gave out his address and phone number, although he muted his audio and covered his mouth while doing so.

The operator claimed an officer would be headed their way, something that Cheesur said he didn’t think would actually end up happening. During this entire ordeal, Cheesur was also engaged in a ‘dispute’ with his friends, who were driving to his house at the time of the incident.

Not long after, a pizza delivery worker showed up to his house, despite him not ordering a pizza. Cheesur then had to leave his streaming room as a group of police arrived in what he claimed was a swatting.

“There’s like, actually five cops here, chat,” he explained. “Oh my god, I was so scared. …I’m an idiot. I’m never calling them again.”

“I just got swatted, chat,” Cheesur claimed. “Look at these kids recording it.”

This is far from the first time a streamer has gotten swatted. Over the years, a slew of broadcasters have been victims of swatting, including the likes of IShowSpeed, Adin Ross, and even Ethan Klein of the H3H3 podcast, among many others.