xQc laughs off claims he can’t speedrun Elden Ring: “I’m a god gamer incarnate”

. 4 months ago
FromSoftware / Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel laughed off claims he won’t be up to the challenge of speedrunning Elden Ring, telling fans he is a “god gamer incarnate” and can do anything he sets his mind on.

xQc has experienced all the highs and lows Elden Ring has to offer during his first playthrough. He’s done everything from losing 400,000 Runes to having a horrendous mix-up during an invasion and more.

All in all, though, he had a blast and concluded: “It’s a great game. You get your money’s worth.”

However, his viewers are trying to convince him to give it another go in a bid to break the current speedrunning record.

Elden Ring Torrent
Speedrunning adds a different element to Elden Ring.

The juicer warlord was apprehensive about doing it at first. “I’m not going to do it, guys,” he said to his viewers. “It involves a lot of running and a lot of jumping. It doesn’t look like it would be as fun as other runs.”

He expanded on that point further, saying: “It doesn’t feel that fun. It’s Dark Souls. It’s a lot of running and jumping.” It left many people in his chat scratching their heads since that’s the essence of most speedruns. 

Still, they tried their best to sway him. He watched a video of Distortion2’s current record to appease them and liked what he saw. “20 minutes is not bad,” he said. “I can get behind that. That’s not even that bad.”

He also claimed it seemed “pretty straightforward” despite involving item pickups, glitches, and skips. Then, he concluded: “I’m a god gamer incarnate. If I set my mind on something, I can do it. It seems pretty easy.”

The relevant part of the video begins at 26:30.

xQc didn’t say whether he was actually going to commit to speedrunning Elden Ring. However, he made it clear that he’s up for the challenge. It’ll take a lot to even come close to breaking the current record, though.

Either way, it’ll be an exciting and hilarious spectacle for his viewers. If they’re lucky, he might even have another speedrun battle against Forsen — one that he might actually win. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

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