xQc’s Elden Ring invasion backfires in the best way possible

Zackerie Fairfax

Watching xQc play Elden Ring has been quite entertaining, especially when he’s getting outplayed in the game’s brutal multiplayer mode.

xQc is the king of Twitch, and to maintain his place on the throne, he has taken to playing Elden Ring. The brutally hard souls-like game has netted some of the best reactions from streamers.

After beating the game, xQc has given From Software’s newest title a positive review. And the game’s multiplayer invasions have kept him hooked even after the credits rolled.

But fighting AI bosses differs greatly from fighting real players. On more than one occasion, xQc has been felled while attempting to invade other players.

Elden Ring multiplayer screenshot.
players can summon other players to aid them in battle, especially during invasions.

xQc gets outplayed during Elden Ring invasion

A massive part of Elden Ring’s post-game content is invasions. Players can travel to other players’ worlds and fight them to the death. There are also several scripted invasions that take place during the game’s single-player experience.

xQc has been enjoying these invasions. However, on March 7, xQc couldn’t help but mald after being baited by a 1,000 IQ play.

The player xQc invaded was hiding on a ledge of one of Elden Ring’s many castles. As he rounded the corner to hunt the player down, the streamer was blown off the castle ledge by an Ash of War.

“Damn dude. Daaaamn, dude. That was sick,” xQc sarcastically stated, “So wicked, man. You were hiding the entire game.” His chat exploded with OMEGALUL emotes and insults.

This came moments after xQc ranted about the behaviors of those who play Elden Ring’s multiplayer. “They should literally ban people and give them severe timeouts for doing sh*t that is cowardly as f**k.”

Despite his apparent displeasure with his opponents, he went on to play several more invasions. For more xQc content, check out why he refuses to stream the MMORPG Lost Ark.