Elden Ring mod adds Rings of Power crossover as Sauron stalks The Lands Between

Sauron with Elden Ring logoWarner Bros. / FromSoftware

An Elden Ring modder has brought The Dark Lord Sauron to the Lands Between, just in time for the release of the Lord of the Rings prequel on Amazon Prime.

The parallels between Elden Ring and Lord of the Rings are plain to see. This is unsurprising as Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, who helped create the lore behind Elden Ring, has often cited the work of Tolkien as a major influence.

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In fact, Middle Earth, the setting of Lord of the Rings, was one of the sources of inspiration when the writer was sculpting the world of FromSoftware’s hit title.

Now, one player has taken the similarities one step further by bringing LotR antagonist Sauron to the Lands Between in an Elden Ring mod.

Created by MaxTheMiracle, this mod sees the player’s Tarnished reskinned as the Dark Lord himself, complete with his signature armor and terrifying helmet. YouTuber GardenofEyes shared a video of the mod in action, and showed Sauron tackling one of the game’s many enormous bosses.

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As the build is still a work in progress, the movest being used was actually from a different mod and didn’t make use of any of the character’s own skills.

This mod was dropped early to celebrate the release of The Rings of Power series on Amazon Prime, a Lord of the Rings prequel set thousands of years before Frodo graced Middle Earth.

So far, Sauron has only featured in the opening prologue of the show, but fans are speculating that a number of characters could actually be the villain hiding in plain sight. If the trailers are anything to go by, it shouldn’t be too long until he makes his presence known.

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In the meantime, while the show’s plot continues to unravel, you can get your fix of Mordor by downloading this Elden Ring mod and conquering the Lands Between.