Are Elden Ring classes gender locked? How to choose character gender

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Elden Ring has a whole variety of classes for players to try out, but are these powerful warriors gender locked? Or can you decide whether your character is male or female?

Bringing FromSoftware’s iconic franchise, Dark Souls, into 2022 with its open world and fearsome foes, Elden Ring has already etched itself into video game history.

Abandoned in the Lands Between and set on the bloody path to become the Elden Lord, you can choose between a vast array of different classes in order to tailor the game‘s challenging combat to your specific playstyle.

While there are a lot of different customizations available for your Elden Ring character, can you change their gender? Here’s a rundown of whether or not classes are gender locked.

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elden ring samurai fighting enemyFromSoftware
From the somewhat pathetic Wretch to the fearsome Samurai, there’s a class for everyone in Elden Ring.

Can you change class gender in Elden Ring?

In short, yes, you can change your class’ gender in Elden Ring. Players will be able to create their in-game hero before selecting a class, meaning that all classes can be either male or female.

Upon entering the creation screen, you will be given the option of two different body types; A and B. A is the more masculine option, while B is more feminine. For non-binary players, you can customize your character to be heavily gender-neutral using the cosmetics on offer.

You can also change your character’s age in-game, allowing you to become either a feisty young warrior or a wise elder – the choice is yours.

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Importantly, even though you can change your appearance in Elden Ring during the game (no bad hair days here), you cannot change your character’s gender. So, unless you want to make a whole roster of characters, be sure to select the gender that you want.

So that’s everything you need to know about character and class gender in Elden Ring. Looking for the quickest way to become the Lands Between’s Elden Lord? Be sure to check out our dedicated guides:

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