All overworld dungeon locations in Elden Ring

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Need a guide to all the overworld dungeon locations in Elden Ring? Here’s all of them grouped by region in the Lands Between.

Elden Ring features a vast overworld full of danger and intrigue, but it also houses dozens of dungeons, from caves, catacombs, and systems of tunnels. Below, we’ve grouped every dungeon in Elden Ring by region as well as instructions on how to access them. We’ve also included the game‘s mysterious Evergaols, while not traditional dungeons, these locations each feature a unique boss with important lore implications.

So here’s every dungeon in Elden Ring’s overworld, split by region in the Lands Between.

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Elden Ring’s evergaols are home to some important bosses.


Limgrave is the first location you’ll explore in Elden Ring and is a great place to begin your dungeon diving. It will also teach you how to approach each dungeon type.

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave – At the start of the game, take the path right instead of heading out into the open world. You’ll need a Stonesword Key to unlock the gargoyle and gain access. Remember, while it may be at the start of the game, the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave is a tough dungeon, with an even tougher boss. It may be worth leveling up a bit before tackling this area.

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Stormfront Catacombs – This sprawling dungeon is located northwest of the Church of Elleh. A statue will light the way to it, as with most catacomb locations.

Groveside Cave – This mini-dungeon is east of Stormfoot Catacombs. It’s easy to spot due to the guard wandering around outside near the cliff

Limgrave Tunnels – These tunnels are located in the northwest corner of Limgrave Lake, northeast of the Church of Elleh, tucked away in the cliff.

Coastal Cave – The cave can be found on the beach in the west of Limgrave. Following the cave system to the other side will bring you to the Dragon-burnt Ruins which houses some important Incantation skills.

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Murkwater Catacombs – This set of catacombs is found in the eastern area of Western Limgrave, by following the water north-east from Agheel Lake. You’ll have to get past Agheel and an invading NPC first though. Luckily, Yura will come to your aid.

Murkwater Cave – This important cave is north of Agheel lake. It’s also home to the NPC Patches who’ll engage you in a brief boss fight before surrendering to you. Spare his life to begin his questline.

Dissenter’s Cave – Near the beach, southwest of Limgrave Gatefront Ruins. It’s not far from the Stormgate.

Post Town Remains – Located east of Limgrave lake, you need to use Torrent’s double jump to get over the walls.

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Deathtouched Catacombs – Located north of the Saintsbridge Site of Grace. Prepare for a fight with a Tiber Marina, however, D should be on hand to help.

Highroad Cave – North of the Saintsbridge Site of Grace, down by the cliff.

Forlorn Hound Evergaol – The first Evergaol you’re likely to discover, marked by a circular arena surrounded by weird-looking rock snakes. Prepare for a tough fight and be sure you’ve met Blaidd first, he’ll help you take down the boss.

Stormhill Evergaol – Another circular arena with rock snakes located south of Scavenger’s Shack.

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Stormviel Castle is the first legacy dungeon in Elden Ring.

Weeping Peninsula

The Weeping Peninsula is south of Limgrave but looks very similar. Be warned though, the enemies here are slightly tougher, but it’s worth exploring fully before you move on.

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Impaler’s Catacombs – Located in the northeast of the region.

Earthbore Cave – After crossing the bridge to the Weeping Peninsula, turn right and follow the river until you spot a cave. Do not kill the boss until after you’ve helped Blaidd fight the Evergaol boss, otherwise, he’ll turn hostile.

Morne Tunnel – Located east of the Minor Erdtree – also, an Easter Egg for Dark Souls 3 players.

Tombsward Catacombs – Located north of the Minor Erdtree.

Tombsward Cave – Located southeast of the Fourth Church of Marika.

Weeping Evergaol – Located east of the Fourth Church of Marika. Prepare for another battle.

Liurnia of the Lakes

The beautiful and picturesque Liurnia is where you’ll arrive after beating Godfrey. Although, before you hunt your second Elden Ring shard, explore this region’s dungeons for some awesome gear.

Stillwater Cave – Located south of the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace.

Cliffbottom Catacombs – Located north of Liurnia Highway South Site of Grace.

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel – Located on the northeast side of the lake, near the Gate Town North Grace.

Academy Crystal Cave – Located south of the Crystalline Woods Grace.

Black Knife Catacombs – Located east of the Ruined Labyrinth Site of Grace and past the Minor Erdtree. Prepare for a tough fight with some important lore ramifications.

Road’s End Catacombs – Located west of the Minor Erdtree on the western side of the region.

Lakeside Crystal Cave – Located west of the Laskyar Ruins Site of Grace.

Ruin-Strewn Precipice – Located in the far north of the region and through the huge ravine. Head northeast from the Sorcerer’s Isle Grace until you reach the area.

Malefactor’s Evergaol – Located on the western cliff near Liurnia Lake Shore Grace. Adan isn’t that tough, but he’s an important part of the lore.

Ringleader’s Evergaol – You’ll likely discover this while working through Ranni’s quest. Head northwest from the Moonlight Altar Site of Grace until you reach the stone circle near the edge of the cliff. A tough battle awaits you, but defeat them and you’ll gain a valuable ally who’s very effective against the final boss.

Cuckoo’s Evergaol – Located north of the Revenger’s Shack. Look out for an invading NPC at the Site of Grace though, then another fight in the Evergaol itself against Bols.

Royal Grave Evergaol – Located southeast from Behind Caria Manor Grace, you should spot it from the path.

Elden Ring sceneryFrom Software
Liurnia can be breathtaking at times.

Altus Plateau

You’ll now be approaching the capital city, but be sure to fully explore the Altus Plateau before you move on with the story.

Unsightly Catacombs – Located beneath the Perfumers Ruins in the southwest part of Altus Plateau. You’ll need a Stonesword Key to get in.

Lux Ruins – Located northwest of the Altus Plateau Site of Grace and near the Grand Lift of Dectus.

Old Altus Tunnel – Head left, following along the cliff face from the Erdtree-Grazing Hill Site of Grace until you see a doorway. You’ll need two Stonesword Keys to get in.

Perfumer’s Grotto – Located south of the Rampartsiude Path Site of Grace.

Altus Tunnel – Located south of the Minor Erdtree.

Sage’s Cave – Located west of the Wyndham Ruins near the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace.

Wyndham Catacombs – Located near the top of Wyndham Ruins, south of the path leading to Mt.Gelmir. You can see it from the Tiber Mariner boss area, but you can’t access it from here.

Golden Lineage Evergaol – Located east of the Grand Lift of Dectus, down a hidden path by the cliff edge. Get ready to face an old enemy.

Mt. Gelmir

Mt. Gemir is home to the Volcano Manor, where you may have some choices to make. Before you do, check out these dungeons:

Volcano Cave – Located in the far north of Mt. Gelmir, by climbing various ladders near the Road of Iniquity Site of Grace. Then cross a wooden bridge and go north to find the cave.

Seethewater Cave – Near the Minor Erdtree and a tough boss.

Gelmir Hero’s Cave – Located over the chasm, north of the Primeval Sorcerer Azur Site of Grace.

Leyndell Royal Capital

An old enemy awaits you in the throne room of the Royal Capital, but keep him waiting a while longer and find yourself some nice loot first.

Sealed Tunnel – Located on the southern side of the lake.

Azuria Side Tomb –Located in the northeast of the region behind the city walls.

Azuria Hero’s Grave –  Located in the northeast of the region behind the city walls and south of the Side Tomb.

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Elden Ring’s overworld houses dozens of hidden dungeons.


Caelid has been forever corrupted by the scarlet rot and is a dangerous, putrid, and diseased region. Don’t let that put you off though, there are lots of dungeons to be explored.

Minor Erdtree Catacombs – Located near the Minor Erdtree in the west of Caelid. A statue will show the way.

Gael Tunnel – Located near the Fort Gael North Grace.

Gaol Cave – Located in the lake of scarlet rot, east of Fort Gael. Needs two Stonesword Keys.

Caelid Waypoint Ruins – northwest of the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace.

Caelid Catacombs – Located southeast of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. A statue will also show the way.

Sellia Crystal Tunnel – You can access this dungeon by opening the trap chest in the Dragon-burnt Ruins in Limgrave. Be warned though, you may not be ready for it. So you can access it by traveling through Caelid, north of Sellia city.

Sellia Hideaway – Located northeast of the Church of Plague Site of Grace behind a hidden wall, near the large tombstone in the graveyard. Part of Sellen’s questline.

War-Dead Catacombs – Located in Radahn’s arena after you defeat him. Then head north to find the entrance.

Abandoned Cave – Starting at the Smouldering Wall Site of Grace, walk along the large branches across the ravine to reach this dungeon.

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Elden Ring borrows from a lot of other truly amazing games.

Mountaintop of the Giants

Your mission is clear now, locate the Flame and burn the Erd Tree. But before you discover how this region got its name, check out the below dungeons:

Giant’s Mountaintop Catacombs – Located north of the Zamor Ruins until you spot the red monks and a huge bridge. The entrance is southeast and can be highlighted by a statue.

Spiritcaller’s Cave – Located on the western side of the frozen lake. Needs two Stonesword Keys to access.

Giant-Conquering Hero’s Cave – Located west of Giant’s Gravepost Site of Grace, across the ravine.

Lord Contender’s Evergaol – Located east of the Whiteridge Road Grace. This Gaol is home to Vyke, an incredibly dangerous opponent.

Consecrated Snowfield

This secret area is home to some secret dungeons. Check them out before you track down the world’s most feared demigod.

Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs – Located southeast of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Grace.

Cave of the Forlorn – Located south of the Minor Erdtree, marked by a giant octopus enemy. Be warned, there’s a large and powerful Wyrm boss nearby.

Yalough Anix Tunnel – Located in the southwest of the region, near the Yalough Anix Ruins.

Hidden Path to the Haligtree – Light the four candles on the statues around the town to open this Evergaol. Be wary of the archers on the roofs, there are 3 of them. There are also 3 invisible Black Knife Assassins patrolling the area. Equip the sentry torch item to make them visible.

Ordina, Liturgical Town Evergaol – Located in the middle of the town, needed for the dangerous puzzle above.

So there you have it, every overworld dungeon in Elden Ring.

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