EA FC 24 loot boxes could see changes as UK body cracks down on microtransactions

Andrew Highton
real madrid player on ground in ea fc 24

Loot boxes in EA FC 24 could be set for big changes as the UK’s Ukie gaming body is looking to implement some new rules and recommendations that would reshape how microtransactions are utilized in games such as EA’s new football sim.

The long-standing discussion of loot boxes looks like it will continue to play out for a while longer yet. Some of the industry’s most popular and most-played titles still feature them. Blizzard’s Overwatch 2, for example, is a prime subject of a game that uses microtransactions through optional cosmetics as well as a seasonal Battle Pass.

Whereas games like EA FC 24, formerly FIFA, still use pay-to-win microtransactions in its ever-in-demand Ultimate Team game mode. MTX have faced constant opposition from various governing bodies in the past, and it seems like the UK is doing its best to control this practice now more than ever – something they’ve tried to do before.

Loot box restrictions could protect children and adults in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Ukie has made a statement by declaring 11 new guidelines and principles that will help to curb the obsession with loot boxes in gaming.

In a statement, they said: “Loot boxes are a feature in some video games which players can purchase with real money, or acquire with virtual currency, to receive random items. In the Government’s response to the call for evidence, it called for improved protections for children, young people and adults following concerns raised about loot boxes. It set out its view that the purchase of loot boxes should be unavailable to children unless enabled by a parent or guardian, and that all players should have access to spending controls and transparent information to support safe gameplay.”

chelsea women's team celebrating in ea fc 24
EA FC 24 will once again include Ultimate Team for players to spend real money on.

In these 11 principles, Ukie wants to make it so that there are more parental controls to lock out anyone under the age of 18 from buying loot boxes. They also want greater awareness of loot boxes such as what they are and what they do, along with the harm they can cause.

Not only this, but Ukie wants greater transparency with regard to the contents of loot boxes. FIFA has made it in recent years so that players can see the likelihood of acquiring certain items in a pack. However, there has still been some conversation that the randomness of packs can still vary greatly.

It’s no secret that other leading European countries such as Belgium and Holland have imposed bans on Loot boxes altogether. With the discourse about MTX continuing to be a largely negative one and now this message from Ukie, it could only be a matter of time until they’re banned in more countries.

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