Valve makes Dota 2 tournament change logo potentially “promoting communism”

dota 2 pudge with communist logo in frontEpic Esports Events, Valve

Dota 2 tournament organizer Epic Esports Events (EEE) has changed the logo for the Eastern Europe Dota Pro Circuit, following a request from Valve. The logo was said to potentially violate Ukrainian laws over the promotion of communism.

With many countries in Eastern Europe remaining staunchly anti-communist in the post-Soviet era, Ukraine in particular has laws against the promotion of communism, including either accidental or purposeful communist symbolism.

In this case, Dota 2 tournament organizers, Epic Esports Events, have been asked by the game’s developers, Valve, to change their logo for the Eastern Europe Dota Pro Circuit, with the assertion that it’s too similar to a former USSR symbol.

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The logo sees fan-favorite character Pudge framed by a fiery red star lined with golden trims. The tournament’s name is also emblazoned in a rectangular banner at the forefront. The devs, however, believe that a former Soviet image is incredibly similar to the EEE design.

vladimir lenin communist symbol similar to dota 2 logou/FakeMikeMorgan
Valve have drawn parallels between EEE’s logo and a former USSR symbol of Lenin.

“Communist” Dota 2 tournament logo removed

The image in question is the logo of the former All-Union Pioneer Organization, a youth organization that existed between 1922 and 1991. Instead of Dota’s beloved Pudge, communist icon Vladimir Lenin was the one in the flaming star and the banner was inscribed with “Always Ready!”

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Valve demanded that EEE remove the logo as it could potentially inspire legal action on behalf of the Ukrainian Government, which remains strict in its rules around communist imagery.

“Recently we’ve received a request from Valve to change the tournament’s logo, as it may potentially be in violation with Ukraine’s law in regards to banning the promotion of communism,” EEE said in a December 2 tweet.

“The main task of Epic Esports Events is to ensure a seamless competition for all parties involved,” they continue. “Therefore, despite the already made gift sets, banners and other products containing the logo of the tournament, as well as the legal opinion confirming that the logo can not be considered a communist symbolism and, even more so, is not propaganda, we’ve decided to change the logo of the event.”

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The logo is yet to be replaced, and for the moment EEE’s one is featured during the tournament. Either way, the tournament is well underway and the East’s Dota 2 stars are duking it out to claim the crown.

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