Dota 2 pro RAMZES666 hits back at accusations of match-fixing and drug addiction

RAMZES666 addresses drug accusationsEPICENTER

Dota 2 pro Roman ‘RAMZES666’ Kushnarev fired back at fellow player Ilya ‘Illidan’ Pivcaev, after he was accused of match-fixing and suggested he is suffering from a drug addiction problem.

According to a report by CyberSport, the accusations took place during a ranked match after RAMZES666 took Ember Spirit with his first pick and then shifted his position to mid, which angered Pivtsaev.

However, RAMZES666 said he did this because he had a higher rank and that if Illidan wanted the role, he would need to defeat him for it.

As the tempers flared between the two and insults were exchanged with Pivcaev being called “cancer.” This prompted him to in turn accuse Kushnarev of having a drug problem.

“I am cancer, but at least I’m not a cocaine addict, what difference does it make to me,” he said, adding that it’s possible to die at just 30 years old from being addicted.

Despite RAMZES666 laughing off the accusations, and believed he was only insulting him because he had criticized Illidan’s friend’s ability in the past, he was then accused of throwing matches on purpose.

“There is no situation that could force me to make peace with him and begin to treat him normally,” Pivcaev said in regards to his back and forth with Kushnarev. “Because I know that this is a worm, which in any situation when he does not need someone, begins to behave with people like crap.”

RAMZES666, however, denied the claims, saying that the allegations require proof and that none was provided.

With no love lost between the two, sparks are almost sure to fly if both men get picked up by teams and end up competing against each other in the near future.