Diablo 4 player discover incredible strategy to take down The Butcher

Andrew Highton
the butcher boss in diablo 4

Chances are you’ve come across The Butcher in Diablo 4. The devilishly difficult boss has caused more than one headache and to make his presence less threatening, an effective tactic has been found that could help you in your fight.

Diablo 4 has a litany of fearsome bosses. From dominant World Bosses to Uber Lilith, players running around will inevitably have to encounter some seriously strong foes. One who’s become infamous and synonymous with big fights is The Butcher – a returning Diablo enemy who seemingly won’t stay dead.

He is not to be underestimated at any cost. Worse still, The Butcher’s most terrifying trait is that he can just randomly appear in any Dungeon. Literally, you could be strolling through a Dungeon when suddenly, the music changes, and the Butcher attacks.

If he’s causing you issues though, Diablo 4 players might have a useful tip.

the butcher in diablo 4

The Butcher boss fight made easier in Diablo 4?

Should The Butcher decide to invade your personal space when you’re riding solo, Reddit user BlastingFonda has posted a strategy that surprisingly worked well for them.

“Run in the direction of the map that is undiscovered and will feature fresh mobs.” As the user points out, it does “seem counterintuitive,” but doing this will attract the attention of the mobs who will home in on The Butcher.

They explained: “Fresh mob chipped away at his health – he lost 1/3rd [health] between my respawn and coming back to him. TLDR – if you can’t solo The Butcher, try running toward a fresh area!”

Players seemed to be in agreement that it would work regularly too. “This could prove quite useful as long as the game doesn’t spawn you on the other side of the dungeon while the butcher kills the rest of the mobs,” said one user, and another player added: “Interesting. I never knew he fights with other enemies; that’s actually pretty cool.”

While this is admittedly a risky strategy, as the Butcher is perfectly adept at slaying most mobs, it can buy players time and put the massive boss at a disadvantage. Be warned though, mobs and the Butcher will also attack you.

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