Diablo 4 takes over an entire French church with demonic murals

Diablo 4 mural headerBlizzard

Diablo 4 is set to release on March 17, 2023, and, in the lead-up to the launch of the game, developer Blizzard has been getting very creative when it comes to how they are marketing their new title by decorating a whole Catherdal with murals inspired by the game.

The latest development in the Diablo 4 marketing campaign includes a whole French church being completely revamped and decorated, all full of Diablo 4-inspired artwork and murals. 

According to Blizzard, the building has been deconsecrated, meaning it’s not officially a sacred site and the company were given permission to do so. However, it is still listed as a historical monument, meaning they were unable to paint the Diablo 4 murals directly onto the church. 

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Instead, Blizzard actually painted “the five character classes from Diablo 4 as they clash with the powers of evil” which were initially painted on canvas and then installed them throughout the walls of the cathedral. A total of 20 paintings were done on canvas and then installed on the cathedral’s ceiling, dome, and back wall.

The Chapelle des Jésuites was given a complete makeover, with a new live-action for Diablo 4 showing off this impressive feat. For those interested, the trailer can be viewed here:

Altogether, there were 20 paintings that were created for the project, the works comprising of a 160-foot mural that took 30 days to paint. They were completed by a team led by artist Adam Miller. Miller stated that “the scale and the speed of it seemed a bit insane.” 

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This isn’t the first stunt that Blizzard Entertainment has pulled recently as a way to hype up Diablo 4. The gaming company unveiled its partnership with clothing company Han Kjøbenhavn during the Milan-hosted event, with multiple Diablo-themed outfits taking center stage for the first time.

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