Diablo 4-inspired outfits took center stage during Milan Fashion Week

diablo 4 fashion weekActivision Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment collaborated with clothing brand Han Kjøbenhavn on Diablo 4-inspired outfits that debuted at Milan Fashion Week.

With Diablo 4’s long-awaited release just a few months away, all eyes are on the action RPG’s marketing campaign.

In recent months, such efforts have included special promos at Burger King Japan, a flashy Game Awards showing, and beta-related details.

It’s clear Blizzard Entertainment has at least a few more tricks up its sleeve, which explains the new Diablo title’s surprising representation at Milan Fashion Week this month.

Outfits inspired by Diablo 4 appeared during Milan Fashion Week

Blizzard Entertainment unveiled its partnership with clothing company Han Kjøbenhavn during the Milan-hosted event, wherein multiple Diablo-themed outfits took center stage for the first time.

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Han Kjøbenhavn’s artistic director, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen, designed the runway garments that he told NME were “inspired by the dark side and complimentary conflict” in Diablo 4.

“For me, darkness is beauty. How do you balance those two things? …What we’re creating has a lot of volume and language in the garments we’re working with, so in that sense, I’m trying to mirror the journey within Diablo as well as my own journey,” he added.

diablo 4 fashion weekInstagram: Han Kjøbenhavn
Han Kjøbenhavn’s Diablo 4 line
diablo 4 fashion weekInstagram: Han Kjøbenhavn
Han Kjøbenhavn’s Diablo 4 outfit

Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen noted later in the NME interview that he didn’t feel “forced to reach out of [his] comfort zone.” And, apparently, the fashion designer used to play the Diablo series “back in the day.”

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Admittedly, some may find it hard to discern a connection between the above Milan Fashion Week outfits and Diablo 4.

But such a push for the role-playing game seems indicative of one thing – the next mainline Diablo entry is right around the corner. After a lengthy delay, Diablo 4 will finally hit store shelves this summer in June.