Diablo 4 players underwhelmed with BlizzCon campfire chat

John Esposito
Diablo 4 players underwhelmed with BlizzCon campfire chat

Blizzard’s latest campfire chat at BlizzCon left Diablo 4 fans very confused as to what the future holds for the title.

BlizzCon has come and gone, showing Blizzard fans what’s coming to the studio’s suite of titles. Aside from Overwatch 2 and World of Warcraft, gamers around the world tuned in to see where Blizzard takes Diablo 4.

Of course, Blizzard had something to show, and the opening ceremony of BlizzCon saw the reveal of an all-new expansion coming in 2024 titled Vessel of Hatred.

The second day of the event brought more Diablo 4 discussion in the form of a campfire chat. However, it left fans very underwhelmed.

Diablo 4 players discuss BlizzCon’s campfire chat

Diablo’s been an interesting place since its launch earlier this year. Two seasons of content have hit the game since launch; the first landed flat, while the second is trending upward positively, garnering great feedback all around.

BlizzCon seemed like the perfect opportunity to ride the hype following the Season of Blood’s infusion of goodwill. The Diablo 4 developers held a live campfire chat to discuss what’s coming to the maligned title, yet fans were quick to point out that the chat turned into “we’re not ready to share.”

To be fair, there was a decent amount of plans discussed during the segment, such as the Midwinter Blight seasonal event coming in December. There was also the news that weekly leaderboards would be coming in the next season, which launches in January.

That said, it wasn’t enough for many fans. “Yea it was a lot of nothing. Mostly a waste of time to watch/listen. Even the wow team gave more information about 3 expansions from now, than the d4 team gave away information about an expansion next year. But they had an hour to fill, so they did with the corporate waste of words,” a fan commented.

Raxxanterax, the Diablo 4 player who hilariously uncovered every error with the Season of Blood launch trailer, summarized the campfire chat elegantly.

This opportunity does seem like a miss, given Blizzard could’ve ridden the goodwill to the very end. There’s nothing wrong with holding all the cards, but for a game some deem “unfinished,” this was the time to reveal more of your hand.

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