Diablo 4 players claim lackluster Season 1 was “filler” to stall for Season 2

Carver Fisher
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Diablo 4 Season 1 is being characterized as “filler content” now that Season 2 is on the horizon, and many players claim it feels as if it was just meant to tide players over until Season 2 brought meaningful changes to the game.

The story of Diablo 4 upon its release tells an entirely different tale from the Diablo 4 we have now. We’re on the cusp of Season 2’s release, and, with Season 1’s content offering (or the lack thereof) leaving players and content creators burnt out, Diablo 4 isn’t in the best spot.

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Though many players are hopeful that Season 2 will put Diablo 4 in a better place, Season 1 has left the community divided as to whether or not people got swept up in the honeymoon phase of Diablo 4 or if it’s actually a good game.

One player compared Diablo 4’s first season to “filler content”, sparking a conversation in the community as to whether or not Season 1 was rushed or if the devs just needed time to figure out what problems needed to be addressed.

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Diablo 4 players call Season 1 “filler content” ahead of Season 2

Diablo 4 Season 2: Season of BloodDiablo 4

To say Diablo 4’s first season has been divisive would be an understatement. Though the game initial reception was glowing, the end game left players wanting and Season 1 didn’t sate players’ thirst for new, challenging content.

While the whole Malignant theme had its upsides and features that players genuinely enjoyed, there’s been a lot of negative sentiment surrounding the content on offer along with the Season 1 update.

Season 2 has generated a great deal of hype with Diablo 4’s remaining player base with how much more it has than Season 1, but this has led players to look back on the game’s journey so far with ire.

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Reddit user Krostas called Diablo 4 Season 1 “filler content” and said that, while they’re impressed with the Season 2 content offering, it really puts Season 1’s lack of content into perspective. Their perspective prompted hundreds of comments, many of which had varying viewpoints on Diablo 4’s first season.

On the optimistic side of things, some players weren’t surprise that it’s taken the dev team some time to figure out how the end game should function and are willing to give devs the benefit of the doubt.

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“Season 1 was already complete at the time of the game’s release. They could only make so many tweaks via hotfixes at that time. Whereas it’s clear that they’ve had time since the release to add as many simple fixes ASAP in time for the S2 release. We’ll see more and bigger fixes coming from now on as each issue is resolved, tested, and then released. :)” concluded one Redditor.

However, others felt that Diablo 4 Season 2 won’t fix enough to stand out from the first season, and that there are core issues with the game that have yet to be addressed.

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“I’ll reserve judgement but there are still plenty of underlying design decisions that are unresolved, including the core of an arpg – loot, affixes, and dungeons, which remain largely unchanged in s2. The game is still going to feel incomplete after lvl 75-80, it still has timer gated content, it still has limited dmg scaling besides crit and vuln, no loot filters, etc.” speculated another Redditor.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen if Diablo 4 can recapture the magic of its release with a strong Season 2 content offering.

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