Diablo 4 players slam Blizzard for “wasting our time” with Diablo Immortal

Andrew Highton
diablo 4 and diablo immortal logo

Blizzard’s newest livestream is in the book and while Diablo 4 players have learned a lot about D4 Season 1, the constant presence of Diablo Immortal has frustrated players who don’t want the game shoved down their throats.

After weeks of waiting, we finally know a great deal about Diablo 4 Season 1. The first of what we’re sure will be many seasons over the next few years, Diablo 4 Season 1 will make a ton of changes including shared map progress.

During the course of the livestream though, Blizzard also referenced and showed off features and changes coming to Diablo Immortal. Even though the mobile game has improved a lot since its initial release, the controversial title still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of loyal fans who don’t want anything to do with it.

Diablo Immortal needs separate stream from Diablo 4 moving forward

Two different Diablo 4 subreddit threads called Blizzard out for making players have to sit through Diablo Immortal content, just to get to the Diablo 4 information they really wanted.

“Can we NOT combine D4 and D-Imortal streams in the future? you’re wasting our time,” said one post, and the OP explained: “I am sure this was an attempt to get more eyes and more $$$ on Diablo Immortal. But having to watch this Immortal stream and now the questions and answers…is brutal. And your 90-minute stream is impacted because time is split.”

One player commented: “If they’d put the Immortal stuff last, it’d be fine. Putting it first is such a scummy move because they know that 95% of viewers were there for the D4 information. Putting the Immortal news first is an act of underhanded advertisement because the viewer basically has to sit through it due to not knowing when they’ll get to the D4 stuff.”

Others think that the community should just not bother watching the stream in the first place. “Maybe just don’t waste your time in general and read up on the news within 5 minutes after the stream ends?” suggested one user, and another chimed in: “I feel like the streams are a waste of time anyway. They repeat themselves far too often, answer pointless questions and just try to hype shit up. The way they talk is so scripted too. I’d rather just read a summary or watch your favorite content creator go through it.”

Whereas another Diablo 4 Reddit thread simply asked Blizzard for one thing: “Have a separate stream for Diablo Immortal.”

“Diablo Immortal is the worst Diablo game that currently exists,” offered one user, and another explained: “Nah, they will push the cash cow til it dies. No better way to push it than slam it at the beginning of an anticipated Season 1 D4 announcement. I don’t blame them, I blame the idiots paying to play Immortal.”

The push for microtransactions and a pay-to-win model for Diablo Immortal has scarred the community. The ever-lasting feeling of bitterness is evidently not going away anytime soon, so Blizzard may have to rethink their livestream strategy for future presentations.