Diablo 4 players demand Blizzard let them pet cats: “Fix this cruel injustice”

Andrew Highton
lilith holding cat in diablo 4

Blizzard’s Diablo 4 allows players to do lots of cool stuff, including the ability to pet the game’s dogs. Cat lovers aren’t as thrilled though as they are denied this privilege – and demand the feature to be added.

Thanks to social media, “can you pet the dog?” has become a popular gaming meme. It’s gotten to the where point where players are questioning if games have dogs – just so they can ask this question. Diablo 4 features lots of animals including brand-new mounts, as well as cats and dogs.

Blizzard Entertainment clearly knows its audience as users are allowed to pet dogs – although they probably shouldn’t. On the other hand, if you’re more into mischievous moggies than precious puppers, then you’re likely to be sorely disappointed in Diablo 4.

Can you pet the cat in Diablo 4?

“Blizzard must fix the cruel injustice, cats need love too,” explained Reddit user biomehanika711, and you can feel their pain.

If you approach a cat in Diablo 4 then the fun feline will roll around and demand your attention. Yet, the game will only let you stand and stare. “You can’t pet the kitties?” asked one player, and they got a double-edged response: “No, they roll over and show you their tumtum.”

On the contrary, players feel this is actually the choice of the cats, not the player. “You don’t get to decide if the kitty can be pet. The kitty does. It’s in the game, we’re just unworthy,” theorized one user, whereas another one humorously explained: “Do not attempt to pet the cat’s tummy, it has infinite +Thorns.”

Whatever you think of cats, there’s definitely a feeling of inequality when it comes to dogs and cats in Blizzard’s RPG. While the issue is nowhere near as detrimental as the “save injured adventurers” issue or the gem problem, the devs must meow feel like they need to paw away the issue.