Destiny 2’s first 12-man activity opens up as Salvation’s Edge raid beaten

James Lynch
Destiny 2 the witness in the Salvation's Edge raid

Bungie has confirmed that Team Parabellum has won the latest Destiny 2 Race to World First, and Salvation’s Edge has been beaten. As part of that, the first 12-man activity in the game’s history has opened up.

Team Parabellum beat out stiff competition from seasoned raid racers like Elysium and Math Class to claim the title. Many of the more notable streamers in the competitive scene were also taking on the raid’s final boss, though they were unable to down it before Parabellum brought it home.

Known as Excision, the new activity can be launched from the Pale Heart, as long as players have completed the The Final Shape main campaign.

The description for the Excision event asks players to “join their fellow Guardians in the first ever 12-player activity to unmake The Witness once and for all.”

The end of Salvation’s Edge sees players beat back The Witness once more though his ultimate demise is unconfirmed. A post on the official Destiny Twitter/X page confirms the following.

“The Witness has retreated from the monolith – but, an important battle awaits. We’ll need all Guardians available to help us defeat the Witness, once and for all. Rally with us and launch into Excision, a newly unlocked 12-player activity.”

The exact setup of the event is currently unclear, as players race to get on it for the first time. Whether it will result in the ultimate end to The Witness’ plans also remains to be seen, though as it is only the start of the expansion, there may be twists and turns before it is truly eliminated as a threat.

With a presentation on the game’s future now also scheduled for Monday, The Final Shape is off to a remarkably successful start. Salvation’s Edge Contest Mode is set to continue for the rest of today before the difficulty lowers for the rest of the player base to get involved.