Destiny 2 players want controversial feature removed from Guardian Ranks

Patrick Dane
Destiny 2 guardians delving into the deep in season 21.

Destiny 2 players are asking for commendations to be removed as a barrier for Guardian Ranks. 

Both Guardian Ranks and Commendations are new systems introduced in Destiny 2: Lightfall. While they both have merit, it’s not been clear sailing for both as the systems have come under criticism for various reasons. 

For Commendations, the system is a little clunky. It asks players, at the end of an activity, to hand out commendations to all the fireteam members. However, this screen can fail to show, players can leave early, or the commendations can be thrown out randomly with no consideration at all, making it tough to get what you want. 

Guardian Ranks on the other hand have had some more esoteric struggles. While a rank in-game is meant to be a showcase of a player’s mastery, it had already been used for elitist purposes. That’s if players interact with it at all, as some refuse to chase the objectives the game sets out. 

However, some are having an even bigger issue, especially when the two mix in Destiny 2

Guardians are asking for commendations to be decoupled from ranks

In a Reddit thread, user Brambo93 asked for commendations to be removed from Guardian Rank considerations. The post has reached 1.1k upvotes at the time of writing. 

Destiny 2 Commendation System Changes
Guardian ranks are tied to commendation ranks

They stated, quite simply: “No one give it anymore [sic]”.

Others concurred, saying, “Matchmade, don’t expect anything”. Another posted: “Commendations shouldn’t be tied to any progression or rewards”. 

However, another was critical of all of Guardian Ranks. They said, “People just don’t care about it since the rank system reflects nothing of value.”

While there is certainly potential for both the Guardian Ranks and commendation systems, both feel like they could use some work. It’s especially a problem if players are blocked from progressing their Guardian Ranks because they either aren’t getting the right commendations or aren’t getting any at all. 

Hopefully, Bungie can keep working on both to smooth out these issues and bring both to their full potential.

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