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Destiny 2 players beg Bungie to fix matchmaking exploit ruining Trials of Osiris matches

Published: 19/Sep/2021 16:22

by Julian Young


An old Destiny 2 matchmaking exploit has now found its way into Bungie’s revamped Trials of Osiris, and players are desperate for a fix to the issue that’s ruining games for those on the receiving end.

After struggling to find its footing inside Destiny 2 for more than a year, Trials of Osiris received a massive overhaul from developer Bungie in another attempt to revitalize the playlist — and this time, it seems to have worked out splendidly.

Despite the massive success, Trials has hit a few snags in its second weekend during Season of the Lost, including the resurgence of something most players would rather leave behind: a game-breaking exploit that hands out free wins to the team using it.


Disclaimer: we will not be detailing the exploit, and players should not make use of any unintended matchmaking functionality, as this is a bannable offense per Bungie’s Code of Conduct.

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Guardians
An old matchmaking exploit has found its way into Trials of Osiris.

The issue first reached the wider Destiny 2 community when popular content creator ‘GSXRClyde’ shared a clip of himself and his teammates encountering an opposing team that used the exploit to rob them of a 5-1 Trials victory.

As they prepared to enter the final round of that match, the streamer’s squad noticed that the enemy team had started behaving strangely. “Maybe they’re trying to do some funny s**t to not take a loss,” Clyde speculated.


Immediately after, both the streamer and his teammates received a network error message and were booted from the game, followed by a “match incomplete/early quitter” warning — intended for players who intentionally quit a competitive match before completion.

Finally, as the cherry on top, the enemy team was handed a free win on a silver platter in what should have been a 5-1 blowout in favor of Clyde’s fireteam.

“[We were up] 4-1 and they sauced us,” Clyde remarked, before continuing “so they got the win.” The clip ended with Clyde imploring Bungie to resolve the issue: “We need to fix this, now.”


While sharing the footage on Twitter, the creator also tagged Bungie’s main account and a Destiny 2 community manager to raise awareness of the issue and push for a quick fix, with other players also detailing that they’ve seen it pop back up.

This glitch has appeared in Destiny 2 before (plaguing the Competitive playlist in previous seasons), but this seems to be one of the first instances of an encounter with the exploit inside the revamped Trials playlist — and the replies to Clyde’s tweet made it clear he wasn’t alone.

At the time of writing, Bungie’s team hasn’t responded to that tweet or otherwise addressed the clip, but it’s likely they will work to get this exploit fixed as soon as possible, in order to prevent further instances of it occurring during Trials of Osiris matches.