Bungie developing a new game in Destiny universe

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Ever since their split from Activision, Bungie has been hard at work redefining how fans should imagine the world of Destiny. The newest way they’re doing that may be through a new mobile game. 

Destiny 2 remains a huge staple in the gaming scene, and it continues to reach new highs even four years after its initial release. In a world where longevity is a struggle for many titles, the game still has plenty of content for players to explore before we reach next year’s big expansion The Witch Queen.

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While much of their focus is clearly on Destiny 2 that doesn’t mean that Bungie is slowing down its plans to expand the franchise. Developments keep coming for the studio, as they were linked to a new non-Destiny IP earlier this year and have begun working on a few projects for film and TV as well. On top of this, the team now looks to be adding a Destiny-universe mobile game to their collection.

Here’s what we know about the mobile game thus far.

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Destiny mobile game in the works

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There are still so many questions to be asked about a mobile game set in the world of Destiny.

As first reported by The Game Post, Bungie Studios began the hiring process for a mobile game last month, but a recent job listing for the Art Director position revealed some Destiny-specific details.

The listing mentions “upholding the Destiny IP pillars and brand,” as well as requiring applicants to have worked on at least one other AAA game or large mobile title.

There are some more details in other job listings that say similar things, including one for the Senior Test Manager which states “Bungie is looking for a Test Leader who cares deeply about the Destiny IP and who will find joy in supporting external partners.”

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Bungie and NetEase have been working together for a while now and that partnership seems to be sprouting its legs now.

The game will be developed in partnership with Chinese mobile game giant NetEase Games. Bungie partnered with NetEase in 2018 in a move that many believed was all about getting Bungie’s biggest titles released in China for the first time ever.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons shot those rumors down and explained that they were only trying to make each team stronger. “It’s more that they share our passion for games, our passion for building worlds that inspire friendships and building communities, and that’s the entire focus of it.”

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It may still be a while before we know anything substantial, it sure seems that Parsons’ initial optimism is going to pan out.

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