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Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris rewards revamp is flooding players with incredible loot

Published: 11/Sep/2021 20:00

by Julian Young


After more than a year, Trials of Osiris appears to be hitting its stride in Destiny 2, and the community isn’t holding back in its praise of Bungie’s changes to the playlist — specifically, an overwhelming amount of easily obtainable loot.

Trials of Osiris sat squarely in the throne of Destiny 1’s PVP, but the game mode struggled to find the same success in Destiny 2. However, after almost two years of dealing with cheaters, low population, and an unbalanced loot structure, the playlist finally seems to be finding its footing.

On September 9, developer Bungie ushered in a new, “revamped” era for Trials. This massive overhaul — the latest in a series of attempts by the studio to reinvigorate the playlist — included a total rework of the mode’s rewards, accessibility, and pretty much everything else.


The community had a cautious optimism heading into its first weekend back, but it now looks like they’re being well-rewarded. Practically every Guardian who stepped foot in playlist had nothing but good things to say, particularly in regards to the mode’s much-improved rewards.

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Season of the Lost Revamped Playlist Changes
Trials is back, and, according to the community, better than ever.

As Trials went live for the first time in Season of the Lost, eager players began flooding the playlist to see if Bungie had managed to revive the game mode.

After just one day inside the new version of Trials, Destiny 2’s community voiced their overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Popular Destiny content creator ‘GernaderJake’ — a huge proponent of Trials since the earliest days of Destiny 1 — praised Bungie for making the game mode’s loot accessible to more players than ever before.


“Trials felt fantastic today,” he shared. “So many Guardians getting more loot than they’ve ever seen in Trials before. I’m feeling so happy and hopeful for this playlist.”

GernaderJake was far from alone in his praise, however. Fellow Crucible aficionado ‘Mercules’ commended Bungie for the changes, and shared his excitement about the wealth of loot flowing from the playlist.

“I think something we can all agree on is that Trials is 100% better when everyone can participate and be rewarded for doing so. My timeline is littered with stories of awesome rolls [people] got on weapons that, prior to this weekend, were unreachable,” he shared.


Well-known Destiny pundit ‘PopeBear’ shared his own impressive Trials loot grab, and praised Bungie for making the playlist (and its loot) accessible to more players than ever before: “I can’t go to the Lighthouse or get Adept weapons but I’m okay with that. GG’s Bungie.”

While there are still concerns around the longevity of the playlist, and some factors such as solo players being matched against pre-made fireteams, the playlist seemed to be in the best place it’s been since the original Trials of Osiris launch in Season of the Worthy.

Trials Report, a site that tracks player participation and statistics, shared some data that outlined the massive success of the updated game mode: “This is now officially the most populated Trials of Osiris weekend in Destiny 2 [and] we’re less than a day in.”


It remains to be seen whether or not Bungie can maintain the playlist’s newfound success, but based on all accounts from the community it seems that Trials of Osiris has, indeed, finally nailed its formula perfectly.