Destiny 2 Hunters implore Bungie to revert Lucky Pants nerf

Kurt Perry
Lucky Pants Exotic Armor next to Destiny 2 logo.

Destiny 2 Hunter mains are desperate for Bungie to revert a hefty nerf to one of the class’ most iconic and cherished Exotics, Lucky Pants.

When it arrived in February 2023, the Lightfall expansion introduced all kinds of new content including a seven-hour campaign, patrol area, the Strand subclass, and various Exotics for players to acquire.

In addition to new content, Ligthfall also reworked several existing gameplay mechanics. Amongst these changes was a new Mod system that saw weapon-specific Mods removed from Destiny 2.

However, that change has left Lucky Pants in a weakened state and some Destiny 2 players are still not happy about it.

Comparison between Lucky Pants Armor Mods and Holster Mod Slot before and after Lightfall nerf in Destiny 2.
Before Lightfall, Lucky Pants offered a free intrinsic Hand Cannon Holster Mod slot (left) that was later removed (right).

Destiny 2 players want Lucky Pants’ intrinsic Holster Mod back

Lightfall’s mod rework saw Lucky Pants lose its intrinsic Hand Cannon Holster Mod slot. This allowed players to benefit from the effects of Hand Cannon Holster for free. Ideal considering Lucky Pants only trigger when switching to a fully loaded Hand Cannon.

The nerf to Lucky Pants has proven unpopular amongst those affected since the start of Lightfall, and Hunter mains are still demanding to this day that Bungie revert the nerf.

One such player posted on Reddit: “The removal of weapon-specific mods had its ups and downs (mostly ups in my opinion) but by extension, it also took away the free Holster Mod that Lucky Pants had. This is just straight-up weird.”

They continued: “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone ask for this, only thing it hurts is DPS swapping with Lucky Pants which was never the most OP strat and just removes a fun style of doing damage.”

Explaining why they want it back two players responded: “Damn, [Auto-Loading Holster] is like half of the gunslinger fantasy of Lucky Pants,” and “Like the classic Western movies where the directors thought reloading was boring, and thus never showed the hero doing it onscreen lol”

Although likely an unintended side-effect of the removal of weapon-specific Mods, the nerf to Lucky Pants has not gone down well. Previously, it would automatically reload holstered Hand Cannons ensuring Hunter mains could trigger Lucky Pants every time after drawing their gun.

After the nerf, this is no longer the case with Guardians instead having to manually reload. Elemental and Kinetic Holster Mods exist but cost Armor charge that is often better spent elsewhere.

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