Bungie has started work on “multiple” Destiny 2 movies & television series

Brad Norton
Destiny 2 gameplayBungie

Bungie appears set to expand the Destiny franchise in major ways outside of the gaming space as hiring for new films, television shows, and book projects has begun.

It’s been seven years since the Destiny universe came to life. Since then, we’ve seen the ongoing FPS evolve with various new expansions, cinematics, and even a few lore books.

However, Bungie is now ready to kick things into high gear.

From TV shows, feature films, books, comics, and audio projects, Bungie has opened the door for all manner of Destiny stories in the years to come. The hiring process is now underway as the famed developers are seeking a Senior Executive to join the team, specifically to oversee the development of new media.

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Destiny 2 itself will continue forward as the Light vs Darkness saga comes to a close. What comes after, no one knows. But now, the potential for blockbuster projects outside of the gaming space is very real.

Destiny 2 gameplayBungie
Bungie is ready to kick Destiny expansion off in a big way.

With a recent job listing on their careers page, as first spotted by TheGamePost, Bungie is publicly confirming plans to expand into new territories.

This role will be responsible for connecting Bungie to “third parties and partners” who will develop new projects across various mediums.

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From on-screen adaptations to comic books and everything in between, the Destiny devs appear open to any fresh ideas that help “tell additional myths.”

Not only will this cater to existing Guardians, but Bungie also hopes to “capture the hearts and minds of new audiences.”

Rest assured, a passion for the Destiny universe is listed as a requirement, with Bungie only seeking out those with “hundreds of hours” of experience. 

Destiny 2 gameplay crossbow Activision
There’s no telling if new non-gaming projects will exclusively tell new stories or occasionally dip back to classics from various expansions.

Exactly who these potential partners may be, remains unclear for now. From Netflix to Amazon, the world is their oyster as Bungie looks to expand its biggest IP. 

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This marks yet another huge step for the gaming industry as Destiny follows in the footsteps of League of Legends and Overwatch with marquee adaptations on the way.

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