Cyberpunk 2077 warns Twitch streamers to mute all music due to DMCA

Screenshot of Cyberpunk 2077 next to Twitch logo.CD Projekt Red / Twitch

Hours after launching, CD Projekt Red has advised Twitch streamers playing Cyberpunk 2077 to mute all music during live broadcasts. The Polish developer warned players of DMCA strikes due to a song in the game.

Originally announced in 2012, Cyberpunk 2077 finally launched on December 10 after years of anticipation. In October, CD Projekt Red showed their support for players streaming their game when they assured them the title would take measures to avoid DMCA issues currently plaguing Twitch.

However a few hours after the game went live, reports began to surface that the open-world RPG may have sounds in it that could trigger a copyright strike. The developer has now told content creators to mute all music while playing the RPG live in front of viewers just in case.

CD Projekt Red
Players streaming Cyberpunk live should mute all their music until a patch is released.

Cyberpunk warns Twitch streamers about DMCA strikes

Despite launching with a feature to disable copyrighted music, the developer tweeted out an update on December 9 about a song sneaking past the protection option. At the time, it appeared to only be a single sequence in the RPG.

“We just noticed there’s a song in the game which might put a DMCA strike on your channel even when playing with “Disable Copyrighted Music” option on. While we work on fixing it, please make sure to turn the sound off during the first two Braindance sequences. Apologies!” they said.

A day later, the official Cyberpunk Twitter account informed followers that the issue was more widespread and urged them to turn off music completely: “It has come to our attention that there are additional instances in the game which might put a DMCA strike on your channel. Fix is on the way but until then, we’d like to ask you to mute music in the game’s settings entirely.”

While it is unclear which specific instances in the game have a potential to trigger a copyright strike, it appears to be enough that CD Projekt Red is now telling streamers to turn off music altogether. A fix is on the way, according to the developer.

At the time of writing, there is no ETA when players can expect the patch. Those looking to stream it live, especially on Twitch, should mute songs completely until it’s resolved.