You can now play Counter-Strike on the Nintendo DS and it’s incredible

Sam Comrie
An image of a Nintendo DS displaying Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike has provided PC players with incredible FPS action for decades but, thanks to a brilliant new Nintendo DS port, it is now playable on the fan-favorite handheld console. 

Valve’s Counter-Strike franchise is one of the most influential additions to the FPS genre in history, forging unforgettable competitive gameplay. Despite attempts to bring Counter-Strike to consoles, the transition never really stuck the landing and remains a PC game first and foremost.

However, a dedicated fan refused to be dissuaded by the issues and is bringing the experience to handheld players…on the Nintendo DS.

Shroud CSGO Cloud9 DreamHack
Players like Shroud have forged incredible careers from Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike DS port is amazing

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Counter-Strike on the go, you don’t have to wait for Steam Deck to arrive. Dig out your old Nintendo DS, because game programmer Fewnity has managed to bring Counter-Strike to Nintendo’s beloved handheld.

Dubbed as a “work in progress” by Fewnity, the clever fan-made version of Valve’s classic utilizes the DS’s touch screen surprisingly well.

Allowing players to buy their weapons on the bottom touchscreen, the explosive action takes place above.

Fewnity has been working on this project for quite some time, with initial previews appearing as far back as February 2021.

Over the course of the year, the aspiring game developer has implemented multiple features such as rumble, improved weapon handling, and even cross-play on the same server, with the PlayStation Vita.

Currently, the alpha version of the game includes a rough look at the Single Player mode. Multiplayer is due to be included in the future, which will surely be an awesome sight to behold.

Players can jump in straight away and download Fewnity’s alpha of the Nintendo DS creation now.

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