WarOwl says using a drawing tablet for CS:GO is the next best thing


The CS:GO guru himself, WarOwl, has just claimed that using a drawing tablet instead of a mouse might be the next best thing, and he makes some very convincing arguments for it. 

The WarOwl has just released a new Unboxafragathon video, where he opens a case and has to get frags with whatever skin he gets in a CS:GO deathmatch. And he completed it with a very interesting peripheral. 

Putting away his mouse from the video, he instead decided to use a drawing tablet as a mouse. And not only does it work, but it seems to have many advantages over a traditional mouse. 

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What makes the drawing tablet so good in CS:GO?

A big advantage of the tablet is the ease of being able to control the spray of a gun. In CS:GO, a spray pattern is the trajectory of where the weapon’s bullet will go when the gun is being sprayed.

And to counter it, players will do what is called, recoil compensation. Where they would drag their crosshair down in a pattern to compensate for the pattern as to make the gun accurate. And the tablet seems to be superior to the mouse when it comes to compensating. 

In the video, WarOwl can be seen easily spraying enemies down in a deathmatch lobby with relative ease. He had no problems flicking onto enemies nor moving around with his camera.

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Albeit his camera movements were quite slow, but that’s because he didn’t have much practice with it beforehand. Overall, he was able to comfortably frag out and complete the challenge. 

The craziest part was he was using the tablet with his right hand, when in reality he is left handed. 

He questions if a tablet would be allowed in CS:GO tournaments. Currently, there are no rules stipulating the mandatory use of a mouse.

Saying in his video, “What if another peripheral was better than a mouse, if you took the time to learn it. Would pro players adopt it, and would they have to make rules about which peripherals you’re allowed to use.”

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Surprisingly, this isn’t the first instance of another player doing amazing in a FPS with a drawing tablet. 

Osu player Kariyu lit up the Valorant community when he showed that he got to one of the game’s higher ranks, Diamond, by just playing with a drawing tablet. 

In the video, he shows that it is completely viable to use a drawing tablet as a mouse alternative. Showcasing great aim, tracking and crosshair placement along the way. 

You never know, we may be seeing pros use a drawing tablet instead of a mouse in the near future.