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Thorin Roasts Fortnite and FACEIT London Major During Stockholm Esports Awards

Published: 4/Sep/2018 12:23 Updated: 4/Sep/2018 12:41

by Matt Porter


Controversial analyst Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields was in attendance at the Stockholm International Esports Awards, and took a moment to throw a few hilarious digs at FACEIT’s CSGO London Major and the Fortnite community.

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With Thorin not invited to work on the analysts desk at the Major, the ‘Esports Historian’ used an interview with host Frankie Ward to take a few quick jabs at the event. Thorin began by stating that he could work on DOTA 2’s The International, because “they hire a lot of talent these days”. Then, while discussing esports’ past, he joked “I am part of history now”.


When asked about his vision for the future of esports, Shields took a direct shot at the FACEIT Major, saying;

“I just want to see esports get bigger, but crucially, better. Let’s not water it down or hire people who don’t deserve to be hired. Don’t know why I keep mentioning that, just on my mind at the moment… I might make an appearance. Any scalpers got a ticket? No? Nobody’s going anyway, are they?”

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Thorin, however, wasn’t content with just roasting the FACEIT Major, but also took aim at the popular battle royale game Fortnite’s community. Asked whether he thought Fortnite would make a good esport, Shield simply replied with;

“I’m not 12 so I’ve never played that game.”

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Shields has been a regular feature of CS:GO analysis desks since 2013. He worked at a total of six majors in the past but hasn’t featured at one of the Valve sponsored events since the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major in 2017.


The Brit hasn’t shied away from criticizing FACEIT’s handling of the London Major in the months running up to the event and even released a video titled “FACEIT’s Troubling Handling of the Major Thusfar” where he aired some of his grievances.

While Thorin may not be working at FACEIT’s London Major, it will be interesting if he does indeed make an appearance at the event, which kicks off on Wednesday, September 5.