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The New MP5 SMG in CS:GO Has a Huge Sound Issue

Published: 16/Aug/2018 21:27 Updated: 16/Aug/2018 21:30

by Albert Petrosyan


There’s a huge sound issue with the new MP5-SD SMG weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

At a certain range, the weapon make no noise at all when fired, and can only be really heard when it is fired up close.

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CS:GO pro player and streamer Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag realized this when testing out the new MP5 out in an offline match on August 15.

A clip taken from his live-stream shows that the weapon makes virtually no noise when it is being fired from even a moderate distance away.

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It is not yet clear whether this aspect of the new weapon is intentional or if it is the result of a bug.


Regardless, judging by the reaction of adreN and his chat, this noise issue makes the gun very overpowered, considering that most enemy players would not be able to hear it being fired.

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If enough people voice their displeasure, it is likely that Valve will put in some sort of patch or fix to raise the firing noise, or increase the distance at which it cannot be heard.

First appearing in CS: Source in 2004, the MP5-SD SMG was finally added into CS:GO on August 15, after fans had been asking for it for years.