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The Highly Anticipated Panorama UI for CS:GO Has Finally Gone Live in Beta Mode

Published: 20/Jun/2018 10:01 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 14:27

by Ross Deason


Valve has officially announced the highly anticipated Panorama UI for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive along with a preview and made it available for beta testing.

Fans and players of CS:GO have been calling out for the Panorama UI ever since Valve teased it back in 2016 but many had started to give up hope on ever seeing it.

Those concerns disappeared on June 19th when Valve finally released a preview for the all-new UI and described it as the “most substantial change to the look and feel of CS:GO since the game was released in 2012”.

Everything from the main menu to the scoreboard has been updated to make the entire experience of the game more immersive, much like when it was introduced to Dota 2.


The official press release includes a preview image of what the Panorama UI will look like, but you can also check it out for yourself by opting into the beta depot and playing on that version of the game.

However, the current Panorama UI beta release only supports the “Practice with Bots” option, so playing with bots or in a private practice session with a friend will be the closest you get to the full experience.

The developers have made it clear that they are still working on Panorama but state that “the biggest pieces are ready”, so a full release shouldn’t be too far away.


Some users have reported a slight improvement in FPS and a number of quality of life improvements like detailed stats, a new buy menu, and more.

However, as is the case with any major overhaul like this, there have also been a number of bug and issues reported which should help Valve to perfect things before the official release.