ScreaM proves he’s still got it with epic CS:GO 1v5 clutch

. 4 years ago

Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom proved he’s still got what it takes to dominate opponents with a crazy 1v5 clutch during an FPL match.

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The Belgian, who recently filled in for Fnatic at ESL One New York, was playing on Cache when he found himself as the last player remaining on his squad, with five enemies all still alive.

All five enemies had broken into the B bomb site, and with only a Desert Eagle in hand, ScreaM needed to take out all five players to stop the bomb plant and secure the round victory.

ScreaM pulled off the crazy clutch during an FPL match on Cache.
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Benrlitom quickly spotted an opponent running across the top of highway, firing off a couple of rounds from his heavy duty pistol to take him out. Hearing a second opponent jumping onto the roof beside him, ScreaM spun around and quickly put him down too.

The third enemy player hopped out from behind one of the red containers to get shot in the head by ScreaM, before a fourth attempted to climb onto the roof where his teammate just died, and ended up with the same result as his partner.

With just one enemy remaining, ScreaM pushed towards the dropped bomb and picked up an AK-47 that was lying on the ground, taking up a position behind the forklift close to the site, and picking off the final opponent as he rounded the corner from highway into the site.

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“That’s the highlight from today,” said ScreaM, as he grinned and stuck his tongue out to the camera, clearly happy with his incredible clutch.

For ScreaM, he remains without an organization to call his permanent home now his spell filling in with Fnatic is over, but will be standing in for 3DMAX’s ESL team as they attempt to qualify for the Bucharest Gaming Week Invitational tournament.

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