New CSGO game mode reportedly coming after June 10 update


CSGO data-miners have reported that a new official gamemode could be on its way, after hidden files found in the June 10 update pointed towards official retake servers going live.

CS:GO hasn’t received a new game mode since Danger Zone, the Valve tactical shooter’s spin on a battle royale, came out in 2018. While the game is constantly updated with new maps and skins, there’s not much in the way of entirely new playable content.

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However, that could change in an upcoming update. Hidden files found in the June 10 patch point towards a new game mode joining the roster, although it might come as a surprise to players.

Official retake servers could be coming to Inferno and Mirage.

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According to Reddit user ‘Forest_Technicality’, official retake servers could be joining the official matchmaking list down the line. The Redditor spotted files on both Mirage and Inferno ⁠— both of which were updated in the June 10 patch ⁠— that seemingly confirm it.

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Firstly, a set of “togglable barriers” named “retake.asite” and “retake.bsite” were shipped onto both maps. These barriers are similar to the ones used to convert regular 5v5 maps into Wingman 2v2 arenas.

“Currently these barriers are disabled by default and there is nothing in the map that can enable them, likewise there are no associated spawn entities to go with these clip brushes,” they said.

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It’s likely more functionality to automate the process will be added in the future. “A retake gamemode would require its own script file, but there is not one present in the map or in the script folder of the CS:GO directory,” Forest added.

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Community retake and execute servers are a popular way to warm up before jumping into official matchmaking. It’s also a fun little way to jam in a few rounds without many time constraints.

Having official servers will also improve the quality of games, from a server perspective at least. “Finally a retake server that isn’t hosted on garbage servers that I can just queue into and not wait for the full servers to be open,” said one Reddit user.

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Reddit: Forest_Technicality
Could official retake servers be coming to CS:GO?

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Forest also found a new arena on Mirage by no clipping off on A site to outside the bounds of the map. It’s unclear whether this will be used for Wingman or 1v1 warmups, or something else.

The June 10 update shipped a host of changes to CS:GO’s most popular maps to help improve player visibility. A new “boost player contrast” setting was also added to help make character models easier to detect at range.

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