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MIBR star FalleN hits back at Semmler over “burning paychecks” comment

Published: 29/Jan/2020 3:46

by Andrew Amos


MIBR captain and AWPer Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo has deflected criticism from Auguste ‘Semmler’ Massonnat that the team is “burning paychecks” heading into 2020, calling it “commentary I usually read from mad fans after losing a bet.”

MIBR has struggled in recent months. After reaching their peak as SK Gaming back in 2016, under the new brand they’ve failed to make a good impression, falling down from their pedestal as the Brazilian gods of CS:GO.

With a roster constantly in flux, from the departure of Jacky ‘Stewie2k’ Yip in 2018, to Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David moving to FaZe Clan the next year, only recently have the team managed to lock in a solid core.

Meyern playing CS:GO for Isurus Gaming
Adela Sznajder for DreamHack
Argentinian young gun Meyern was recently traded to MIBR from Isurus Gaming.

Semmler has criticised the new roster heading into BLAST Premier though, with the caster saying that some of the older players on the roster are just sitting there “burning paychecks.

“I doubt [they can return to being an elite team,]” he said, replying to Chad ‘SPUNJ’ Burchill’s question about whether the Brazilian squad will ever hit their peak again.

“I feel like the way they got to the top was through the hunger of trying to reach the top. They had that carrot on the stick, putting all on the line, no holes barred, everything going into just trying to get to the top.

“Now they’ve reached the top, and they became dominant, and they had some of the best players [in the world] on the team ⁠— coldzera obviously, FalleN ⁠— but once they got to the top, maintaining that cutting-edge is what has worn them down.

“I don’t know if they are just trying to be on life support…and keep burning paychecks or if they are going to get that re-ignition to put everything on the line again.”

The comments ruffled feathers in the MIBR camp, who have been hard-at-work bootcamping before BLAST Premier kicks off in London on January 31. FalleN, the team’s leader through thick and thin, lashed out against Semmler’s “easy…smack talk.”

“Easy to come with smack talk and say we lost hunger and that is why you don’t see us succeeding anymore,” FalleN said, responding to the caster. “You have no idea how much we work and how much we invest ourselves on trying to be the best.”

People have come out in support of the MIBR star AWPer, with former Greyhound coach Neil Murphy posting a screenshot of MIBR’s European bootcamp schedule, with the team scrimming six-hour blocks every day.

“If you don’t think we will succeed that is your opinion, I don’t mind at all,” FalleN added. “But don’t ever put a question mark on how much effort we put in. Five years out of country, far from family, living and breathing the game the whole year.”

The Brazilian had one final quip for the caster at the tail end of his Twitter thread. “I have huge respect for you and I’m a big fan of your work, but this is commentary I usually read from mad fans after losing a bet.”

MIBR will be looking to show off their improvement over the off-season at BLAST Premier London this weekend, kicking the action off with a match against Team Liquid on January 31.

They will also be participating in the B Site League, according to reports. Semmler will have a chance to cast the new MIBR in action at both events, after jumping from the Overwatch League back into CS:GO after a two-year hiatus.


BLAST Premier CSGO Fall Final schedule

Published: 3/Dec/2020 13:28

by Jacob Hale


The BLAST Premier Fall Final is right around the corner, bringing some of the best CS:GO teams in the world together to compete for the huge $425,000 prize pool.

Throughout the season, some of CS’ top teams have been competing to earn points for seeding at the Fall Finals, and the event is finally arriving, with eight teams set to lock heads in December, looking to round out the year with a huge win.

In case you missed it, the eight teams that qualified through the Regular Season and Showdown event are as follows:

  • Vitality
  • Mousesports
  • Natus Vincere
  • Astralis
  • G2 Esports
  • Furia
  • OG Esports
  • BIG
BLAST Premier showdown
BLAST Premier
The BLAST Premier Showdown was each team’s last chance to secure their spot at the Fall Finals.

Blast Premier Global Fall Finals schedule

The BLAST Premier Fall Finals will last from December 8-13, and we now know how the bracket and schedule will look ahead of time.

So far, we only have the fixtures for Round 1, but we know the times for every matchup slated to take place. Here’s when you’ll need to tune in (all times CET):

Tuesday, December 8

  • 4.30pm: Vitality vs Mousesports
  • 7.30pm: Astralis vs Natus Vincere

Wednesday, December 9

  • 1.30pm: G2 Esports vs Furia
  • 4.30pm: OG Esports vs BIG
  • 7.30pm: Lower Bracket Match 1

Thursday, December 10

  • 1.30pm: Lower Bracket Match 2
  • 4.30pm: Upper Bracket Match 1
  • 7.30pm: Upper Bracket Match 2

Friday, December 11

  • 4.30pm: Lower Bracket Match 3
  • 7.30pm: Lower Bracket Match 4

Saturday, December 12

  • 4.30pm: Upper Bracket Final
  • 7.30pm: Lower Bracket Final

Sunday, December 13

  • 4.30pm: Consolidation Final
  • 8.30pm: Grand Final
BLAST Premier CSGO Fall Finals schedule
BLAST Premier
BLAST Premier CSGO Fall Finals schedule.

So, that’s the full schedule for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals, with some exciting matchups to boot — including a big Day 1 face-off between Astralis and Na’Vi, with Astralis seeking revenge from their quarterfinal loss at IEM Beijing.

Be sure to keep checking back as we provide coverage for all of the results and happenings at the event, which is sure to prove just as exciting as it looks.