Maniac: Now’s the time for Magisk to step up | IEM Katowice Playoffs preview with BanKs

Ava Thompson-Powell
Astralis Thrive IEM Katowice
IEM Katowice’s Playoffs are finally here, and up first is two blockbuster quarter-final matches. James ‘BanKs’ Banks & Mathieu ‘Maniac’ Quiquerez preview NAVI vs Gambit & Astralis vs, while making their standout player picks on ThriveFantasy!

With lots of CIS teams making their dream run all the way through, the pair discuss what they think is going to happen within the event.

Looking at the $1,000 Dexerto CSGO IEM Best of Three freeroll that’s chock-full of cash prizes, the pair sit down to contend over their own personal choices — picking 5 players and an Ice pick that acts as a sixth — with Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev cropping up more than once.

Taking on each other’s views, they discuss the props (either kills and deaths, headshots, or assists) of each player and vote on whether their stats will get over or under what’s displayed.

For BanKs, he believes that there’s a lot of risk in this, as he feels that it’s uncertain as to what’s going to happen for the teams in lots of these games. Similarly, Maniac states that these players “have their fair amount of surprises.”

To see just who the pair picked, check out the video above. To try ThriveFantasy for yourself, head over to the link below.

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